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Risen 2: Dark Waters


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could have been great

posted by beast_mode (JACKSON, CA) Sep 5, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

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this game has so much going for it (pirates) and then it just fails. the graphics look like original xbox, the voice over is terrible, and overall polish is just not there. But all that aside there is one thing the game could have done and all that would have been overlooked. That one thing being.......A MINI MAP WITH QUEST LOCATION. but NOOOOOOOO the only way to look at the map is to pause the game, scroll through bearly legible menus and find it. simply put this game just is not done. its like they decided to release a beta as final product.

In a market were everyone puts everything into a game to try and make me spend my hard earned cash on it, this just doesnt cut it. Needless to say i will NEVER play another game put out by this developer (is they survive this terrible terrible game lauch) ever again. just go play KOA:R or skyrim and save yourself the time you will never get back....

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GF Rating



posted by EDPgamer (SACRAMENTO, CA) Sep 4, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

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I tried playing this game, it very painful to play and abit disrespectful to gamers. I waited for this game so wasn't worth it. Xbox Original graphics, wonky controls, dumb objectives and lagging.

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Aug 2, 2012

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I'll go into more details though the only other review basically says it all. Voice acting they sound rather bored, though the animations to go with make it look like they are excited.

Course that isn't a big deal, can simply mute anyway. The rest of it though. Graphically this game doesn't look very good, there's really little in the way of detail. A cannon looks like a cannon but there's no grain to it. Same with the boats, and buildings, people especially.

Promising story, gods get help making the world from titans who are then locked away because they are warring. Titans escape and are killing off people. So far so good right, well it goes way downhill. Instead of people versus titans, it's Inquisition versus pirates, and titans. Then it really goes downhill, every conversaton is voice acted, the problem with that is above. There is another problem, they keep talking.

Right at the beginning get told to go see the commander, for three minutes. There's no way to speed it up. Doesn't matter if you just want to say get up and go see the commander, you just listen and your character talks back a little.

Combat is rather basic and not really working. Pull the sword and attack with the same button, that's combat. Putting the sword away happens for you after combat. There doesn't seem to be a lock on feature, or I missed it since there's no this button does this feature on first combat.

Honestly, this game could be really good even with the hoinky story if it was finished and they bothered to do voice acting right. I'm calling this released well before they actually finished. Makes me think it is an EA game and it isn't. Avoid like the plague it's not worth anything, I'll call the latest NCAA football better but not by much.

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