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Risen 2: Dark Waters


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You can make rum? I might need some.

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Sep 6, 2012

Member since Mar 2006

Risen 2 is a game with a great concept and terrible execution. Basically, it's a pirate RPG that seems intent on making itself walk the plank.
Everything about this game should be great. You play a pirate with a sword and a tri-corner hat dueling skeletons and giant crabs. You shoot a pistol from the hip and sail to seedy ports of call, collecting legendary artifacts and battling a powerful sea queen. This game should be terrific... but it's not.
Unfortunately, at a certain point you have to start playing the game. And it's the time you spend playing the game that's the real problem. The combat is broken, the voice-acting sad, the graphics from a previous console cycle and the story generic at best. The interface tries as hard as possible to make itself inaccessible and even on my big screen TV, the text is so small I couldn't read most of it. There are several skill sets in the game that you will never use. There's a skill set for muskets, but I never came across a musket or got the option to buy one for the entire game. There's several skills under voodoo, but the only time I used any of them were to make voodoo dolls, which are necessary quest items. In combat, you can't really block or dodge, so you just keep mashing the attack button hoping you aren't the first one to get stun locked for 10 seconds. The game will frequently crash or slow to a crawl, usually just after you've gotten through a difficult section, but before the game autosaves. Sometimes technical glitches will keep you from completing quests.
The sad thing, though, is the monotony of much of the game. You never care about your character or your crew, you rarely understand your motivation and everyone around you has a 10-second memory of everything you've done, so it holds no weight on the experience.
The game still manages to be fun and lengthy. I still played to the end, at which point I found you can't do anything after defeating Mara, even start a New Game+. Too bad, I almost liked it.

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Yes it does STINK!!!

posted by greg01 (MADISONVILLE, TN) Sep 3, 2012

Member since Jan 2010

Ok i gave this a chance the 1st one was ok when everyone said it wasnt, but i can say this one stinks!! i wouldnt waste your time... so glad i gamefly and dont buy games. what are they thinking when they make a game that is so bad!!!! ??????

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GF Rating

Very Good

Exciting game

posted by theturt22 (POWDER SPRINGS, GA) Aug 17, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Don't ready up on too many of the bad reviews. It's a great game if you don't mind vulgarity. Yeah so what if the graphics are a little bad... it's still a fun game.

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