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Risen 2: Dark Waters


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posted by War0979 (PICKERINGTON, OH) Oct 8, 2012

Member since Jan 2005

I was enjoying this game, I really was. I was playing thinking "I don't know what people are complaining about." THEN...I get to the second island. Got a few missions done, built up my thief ability to pickpocket and pick locks. Found a chest in the woods, went to unlock as I have a 50 ability and only need 30. Then it happened "I NEED A LOCKPICK" ...that's strange, I have a lockpick. Try again...nope the game bugged and erased my lockpick. Well no worries because I'll just buy a new one....NOPE, there is only one lockpick you get in the beginning island and that is it. Now I know why this game was so horribly reviewed. ONE LOCKPICK!!! Plus they did an update and didn't address that MAJOR ISSUE!?! I put hours into this game and for nothing. Wish Gamefly added an option under BUY, entitled "SNAP DISC IN HALF" or "LAUNCH GLITCHED USELESS GAME INTO GAME MAKERS FACE" I would so pay for those options right now.

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good but bad

posted by zavier09 (ENFIELD, CT) Sep 29, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

i was completely hooked ha ha until the end i defeated the kracken when the game froze i cleaned the disk ten times but nothing happend the game still froze i had control of my PS3 the hole time so my system did not freeze cause i quit each time through the PS button so that made me very disappointed with game fly and the disk is 100% clean of smudges and scratches so idk but it sucks i can't beat the game knowing i have am very capable of doing so if i could

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Risen? More like Sunken

posted by jjenkins1 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Sep 27, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

Imagine a famous chef preparing a spectacular feast. He uses all the elements necessary to create an awesome meal, and even adds style to give the dish great visual appeal. Then just before the meal is served, he decides to defecate all over it. This is exactly the feeling i got from Risen 2. The game has many components of a great game- interesting chracter development and strategically deep combat (once you get a feel for it), but you have to dig through the poor graphics, constant freeze ups, lame voice acting and many other issues that I'm too lazy to type. I wasn't even able to complete the game because it froze every time I finished fighting the kraken. There were many points when I was actually starting to enjoy the game, only to have it freeze or suddenly time warp back to a point earlier in the game without warning. This really could have been a good game, but I'm very disappointed in the finished product. If I were to produce work of this quality at my job, I'd be fired, maybe some heads need to roll at this games design headquarters. Thank you Gamefly for preventing me from buying

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