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posted by JustChase3663 (PHOENIX, AZ) Feb 18, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

I thought that I'd be able to prove the reviews wrong for myself, but the game feels like a long repetitive grind. There are no real challenges which is expected from a game like this, but the gameplay consists of repeatedly tapping the a button. Some of the missions, especially the timed ones, have you protecting a little npc that you find, sometimes holding out for 5-10 minutes. It starts to wear on you and get boring. It was fun for a little, but I quickly grew tired of it.

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GF Rating


Pre-teens/Teens and Older

posted by Kuromizu (WINSTON SALEM, NC) Nov 28, 2012

Member since Nov 2012


The storyline and movie are magnificently brilliant. But the game isn't.

Firstly, I wasn't for the art style portrayed in the cutscenes, but that was mainly because I was looking forward to seeing gloriously 3D animated clips from the movie. After considering, the cutscene art itself was just what I would expect for a child themed story like this, but seemed like it failed in lifting the game up to all it's dreamy wonder. But again, that's simply my tastes.

Secondly, the gameplay itself was complicated and messy.
The instructions aren't very detailed in telling the player how to make use of all the nu ts and bolts the game has to offer, which lead me to crawling in circles as I tinkered with it all. I eventually became bored of attempting to unravel the interfaces many available options.

Actions seemed delayed, or 'heavy'. I didn't receive the action-fast reflexes from the action-packed gang like I was expecting.

I love the characters - and I'm not sure if it's because there are so many of them in one place, or what - but during battles, it was crazy. I couldn't tell anything apart because of all the pixels flying across the screen. Too much happening at once, the game becoming a tad bit overwhelming.

I couldn't play the game for more than a couple of hours. I was hoping to be tossed into the magical realm of childhood dreams while embracing the traditional good vs evil showdown. Instead I was trudging through the mud while performing redundant tasks that merely left me bored out of my mind by the end of it.

In the end, there is flawless character design, amazing creativity, and adventure awaiting those who have the patience and willingness to embrace it.

I do recommend this game for teens or above, depending on maturity for younger. Pre-teens may not have the patience to work their way into understanding the system themselves, but this game is everything a parent should be expecting with an E rating.

This game just wasn't for me

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