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A Greek Legend....

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Dec 21, 2008

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If you liked games Viking: Battle of Asgard by Sega or Conan by THQ. This title might interest you. Rise of The Argonauts, has a lot more intent of the player following a well written story, goal objective, and interaction with the game's world that really brings Rise of The Argonauts' story to life.

You would really enjoy Rise of The Argonauts, if you are into staying in tune with the game story and scenarios. The interactions of this game gives a role playing game feel, but only having a one set story is what sets it into the action category.

Rise of the Argonauts is truly a well composed game, which is set upon one of many legends of the Greek Gods of Zeus.
You play as, King Jason, who feels he has been abandon by his God, Zeus. Jason sets off into uncharted parts of the world to undo the Greek God, Zeus' will. In Jason's quest he is aided by Hercules, and with several other companions that is met threw out the quest.

Code Masters' Rise of The Argonauts was a well developed game. Using the Unreal Technology's graphic engine, Code Masters kept a amazing depth of detail for the game based scenario set in the Greek era, which also gives the player several High-Def detailed maps to explore in.

The sword play is all so very fun, but not really recommended for younger audiences. There is tons of power of the gods, weapons, armors, and moves the player learns to mangle the enemy in many different ways, literally. The motion is very fluent, the graphics are superb, and the controls are very easily mastered. You also get to decide on how to answer a conversation each time you interact with a character.

You dont always have to be a great King ya know.

The really only downfall of the game is that you spend a good deal of time searching, and talking to characters in the game to find out what you have to do next. You only play as king Jason also.

To bad it wasn't 4 player co-op game.

Rise of The Argonauts is a great game for those who enjoy old Greek legends.

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RISE Of A Great Mythology Story....

posted by PRFAN1013 (NEW YORK, NY) Dec 18, 2008

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First of all, the story of Jason and the Argo are very well documented and it is in fact one of the greatest stories in greek mythology. This game although not perfect, entangles you in a great story making everything that is interesting come out to you in a way unimaginable. The graphics are superb, controls are great and voice overs amazing. I am so not disappointment that this game got delayed. It was well worth the wait...

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The bad points.......and some good.

posted by Paladin76 (MALAKOFF, TX) Jan 6, 2009

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I have not completed the game yet but I have played enough to list a few points about the game.

First off the graphics are average at best, the funny thing is while in a cut scene the graphics actually get worse. Normally this is the other way around, but in this game the graphics downgrade a ton and the cinematics look like something that should have been on the last generation of consoles.

Second, the character animations while in dialog are all but non existent. There is NO emotion what so ever on the characters faces. They look like nothing more then cardboard cut outs of a lifeless drawing. This kills the immersion a bit.

Third the camera is a bit jumpy at times and tends to go where it wants to go. You really have to stay on top of that right stick to keep it where it is best for you.

Forth, the game has way to much loading and loading screens. This wouldn't be so bad if that wasn't coupled with extreme stuttering. This is one of those games that you need to install to the hard drive due to performance issues.

Other then that the voice acting is pretty good (not great) Some voices do not fit the characters at all cough Hercules cough hint hint.

The story is interesting and draws you in a bit and a majority of the characters are likable.

Combat is pretty fun and there is room for customization. You get three different fighting styles and four Gods to chose from to distribute skill points to.

Dialog options are neat being that you can go with how you would play or pick the option that best fits the God (build) that you are going for.

I'd say it is worth a rent but it is far from anything spectacular.

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