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Rise of the Argonauts


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wanted a game not a movie.

posted by clint76 (IOWA FALLS, IA) Feb 7, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

the best way i could classify this game is that it is a god of war ripoff that just misses.the graphics are topnotch.the gameplay is not bad there just isn't enough of it.interaction with the environment is limited and you have to play for an hour or so in between battles just to reach the next one.and the battle only lasts a minute or so.I played for 7-8 hours altogether and spent maybe 10 minutes fighting.there are just way to many cutscenes. it is like they are nonstop. it takes way to long to do anything even just talking to the other characters.and to top it off it way too linear to be an can go here or there but there is really only one way to go.i am one of those guys that looks and explores in every corner. let me save you some time there is virtually nothing to discover.had my hopes up on this one just not for me.

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Ps2 game passed off for PS3

posted by jabbers (ROUND ROCK, TX) Jan 17, 2009

Member since Nov 2007

If this game was for PS2 it would be barely playable, for the PS3 it is inexcusable. Among the multitude of issues:
1 - more talking than action, if you want a game including more talking than action, then this is for you.
2 - the graphics would be barely passible on PS2 on a PS3 its awful. My guess would be the game was developed for PS2, then PS3 came on the scene and they tried unsuccessfully to expand it to PS3.
3 - Inability to lock on to targets in battle (in the rare instance) is absent. Makes its extremely difficult to anticipate the enemy and their maneuvers in the heat of battle.

This is a terrible game, barely worth a rent, do not buy! Just awful!!!!

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Worth the rental

posted by Viceroy (KEARNEY, NE) Jan 14, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

Rise of the Argonauts is a good game for, especially for anyone who has any interest in Greek mythology. This game has a very well written story and the battle system works out pretty well, along with the upgrade system.

The main issues that I have with this game are that it can seem pretty long, especially if you actually watch all of the interactive cut-scenes. There is also the occasional glitch, and the game play can get pretty repetitive at times.

Overall, this was a pretty good game, and it was fun, worth renting it, but not buying.

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