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Rise of the Argonauts


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Above Average

6 out of 10

posted by sjxx75 (OCALA, FL) Nov 15, 2014

Member since Nov 2014

6 out of 10
overall game is o.k. I played It to the end and then returned it.
worth a rental, but I wouldn't buy or play a second time.
scores are listed out of possible 10
-Story-6 (it's Greek mythology, so I was hooked)
-graphics-7 (some characters were quite detailed while others looked very bland)
-controls-6 (sluggish)
-game design-5 (this game could, and should, have had a lot of potential, but if there is no fighting going on, you can only run around. there is no smashing items to find loot or points to level up. its just run to this location, converse to NPC or fight, then run to next location talk to NPC or fight.)
-level design-6 (levels weren't awful, but were also not great.)
-collision detection-5 (I got hung up on a lot of small areas/corners)
camera control-6 (the worse thing is if your moving/running, you can't move the camera. if you stop then you can move the camera easily. one good thing, when your doing a finishing strike, you can move the camera to see your next opponent as the action goes to a slo-mo to watch the kill strike. that was pretty handy)
-leveling system-6 (a lot of leveling options, but never really noticed or used the majority)
-challenge-5 (most fights are strait up button mashing, not necessarily always bad though, right?)
-replay-3 (once you beat the game the desire to play again is next to non-extant.
-tech 5- even though its uses the unreal engine, it doesn't feel very polished
-issues-6 game locked up two or three times, but the 360 is getting old so it may have some thing to do with the hardware as well the software.
-save/continue-6 (if you die at a boss battle you have to go through all the dialog scenes again, you can hit the button to skip, but it only skips scenes not the whole cinematic part of the story, so you end up hitting the button a dozen or so times.
overall experience-6 (game was worth renting to me cause I like Greek mythology, and despite the problems and issues, it was still fun at times.

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scman's review of Rise of the Argonauts

posted by scman (LEAVENWORTH, KS) Nov 1, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

this game was ok i did not like the lack of heads up display and the walking around it also got alot of greek mythology facts wrong the game over all was ok just not the game for me

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great game

posted by jjtk65 (TAYLORS, SC) Nov 1, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

this is a very great game it is a hack and slash it has some magic elements i had some problems with jason diapering and some missing audio my main problem with the game is the mythology is not spot on but all in all it is a good game worth a rent or buy

pros great graphics
good gameplay
alright story

cons missing audio
some vanishing people

ugly incorrect mythology

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