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Very Good

Excellent story, decent combat, but flawed

posted by Supercow (SPRINGFIELD, MA) Mar 20, 2009

Member since Nov 2006

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It has been said many times that the art of conversation has been lost over the past 7000 years since civilization has emerged. In many way Rise of the Argonauts is a game in which conversation is not almost an art, but ritualistically required in order to uncover the entire story & flesh it out as you, the player, sees fit.
To be fair, the game is has its flaws; it is not for those without the patience. The story is played out through many, many scenes of the main character Jason, simply conversing with the unique characters throughout the game. Even this however is hampered by the odd shortage of character models, with seem to be frequently recycled, & the unfortunate lack of facial expressions which often misrepresent the true scope or emotional complexity of the voice actors' dialogue. The oddly small maps which comprise the game's levels are not only small, but are also mostly not interactable; there not being an inventory system however, this design choice makes sense, albeit regretable.
The game has an average combat system, 3 weapons, a sword, a mace & a spear, make the combat diverse. The combat, even on the hardest difficulty is never particually difficult save for a few boss fights, & you are free to your weapons based upon play style. The game features a unique talent system of powers derived from 4 of the patron gods from Greek Mythology, Ares, Athena, Hermes, & Apollo. The powers from each are based upon one of the three weapons, (Apollo's are more designed on powering up Jason himself) enhancing them & giving a few other tricks to pull off in combat.
The combat, oddly enough for an action game, is not the focus of RotA. Its story & dialogue choices are the main attraction here. Those looking for a well written story with the ability to change it based upon your choices will find an excellent game in their hands here. However purist action fans may not like the myriad of dialogue which hampers the already scarce, albeit good, combat.

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Rise of the Argonauts

posted by bigbadbear (BESSEMER, AL) Mar 20, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

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I have to say i enjoyed this game really well. The only glitches of this one is a few camera ones and maybe some movement ones and really not that bad. I found you have to fight in some scenes that get you close to walls or trees or what ever and you find you or your enemy has well disappeared. Now i had no love for the fixed camera veiw especially in caves because having your other characters run in scene and block your veiw really stinks. This would have been a truly awsome game if it had a room or a stage to practice on and get down with ya moves. Now i cheated and played it first on human and it took a straight 16 hours to get back to my dead princess but hey it was worth it. The final scene was a little hard to figure out but only because i didnt realize i could throw my spear and by acident i got that but hey for those who rush through you deserve what i got. The special moves with all your weapons is pretty cool try them as you fight through each scene. So you know hold your right trigger hit A,B,Y,X. You have some awsome moves that really help in the harder levels but all in all this games was great.

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I have to say that I loved this game

posted by mett1982 (ROME, NY) Feb 24, 2009

Member since Sep 2006

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So what every other reviewer has said about this game being slow is true. But with a storyline that it has there is going to be a lot of talking to get it's plot moving. You can't sum up greek mythology legends in just a couple of hours. It has to be an in depth story. Which I for one thought it made the game so much better. The whole game works like an interactive movie. Kind of like the game Indigio prophecy. The graphics are decent. The audio doesn't sync with the characters mouth often and there are some major glitches throughout the game but I still really really enjoyed it and loved learning about the legend of Jason and his argonaunts. So for anyone that is a fan of greek mythology I think that you would love this game.

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