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Excellent Game, Some Minor Flaws

posted by Oldrin187 (PALM HARBOR, FL) May 9, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

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after you stick someone completely with the long spear, by pressing Y and they are standing their in shock that you skewed them you can immediatly press A to decapiate them with you shield, or X to kick them off of the edge of your spear in a hurry, or Y again to throw them over your head.


Let me start out by saying I enjoy this style of game, 3rd person adventure/action and I am big fan of mythology. I really enjoyed the dialogue throughout the game the characters you encounter were unique and I thought it was overall a very fun game. The fighting and gameplay was fun for me, you can diversify how you kill enemies because you have 3 different weapons, the long 1handed spear, short sword, or powerful mace, every weapon is one handed so you can use your huge shield for defense to block incoming attacks and projectiles. Each weapon is good for certain battles and foes. You also are granted tons of cool god powers and abilities depending on which diety you dedicate your deeds to.

I beat the game on all 3 difficulties and really enjoyed it


all of the bad have nothing really to do with the game itself, they are just mechanically flaws.

First off, there is no minimap you must pause the game to check the map anytime you want to see it.

Second you can only save at checkpoints (it autosaves) and even if you manually save it will do so at the closest checkpoint SOMETIMES causing you to have to re-do some parts of the game.

Third, Jason has to run everywhere on foot, Its not THAT bad but it can be tedious.

Fourth, the mythology in the game isn't 100% accurate with the "real" mythology you might know before playing the game.

Overall I found it to be an enjoyable game with good sidequests, fun combat, and excellent diaolgue. I thought it was interesting instead of lvling up you dedicate your deeds to different dieties to gain power.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Like Mass Effect, just without the emotional bond

posted by ScottP (NOTTINGHAM, MD) Apr 29, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

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Rise of the Argonauts isn't a bad game. In fact, I had a blast playing it! It's just not a great game. If you like games with a large story and flowing characters with some awesome voice work, you will love this game. But if you prefer gameplay over story and get peeved at the smallest gameplay imperfection, be forewarned, this game may dissapoint.

You play Jason, king of a Greek nation. Your wife is killed on your wedding night and you embark of a task to get the Golden Fleece. With the Golden Fleece, the dead can be brought back to life. With the god's favor, you take off to the distant lands of Greece in search of the fabled device.

The combat in the game is so so. You can use three weapons, a sword, a mace, and a spear (my favorite), and you also carry a shield. These weapons can be upgraded by finding new ones, but besides that not much. Instead, you are presented with an MMO type power up system (kind of like Mass Effect) that lets you spend points with each individual god. Athena's talent tree focuses on the spear, while Apollo is more focused on health and your shield. Every task you complete adds favor that can be assigned to a god. Even choices of what you say to people affects which god you are aligned to.

The game took me 2 days to play during a few days off I had. I put in about 8-10 hours or so. If you like achievements, you can pick up about half the achievements in one playthrough, maybe more if you do everything in the game, but I only got about 1/3 to 1/2.

Overall, the game is good. I give it an 8/10. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Rise of the Argonauts, but can't see buying it. It's the perfect rent game. You can beat it in a few days and have it back to gamefly in order to play another game.

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GF Rating


Excellent game

posted by cbayne3 (DOUGLAS, WY) May 5, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

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I don't know what it was about Rise of the Argonauts that was so fun for me, but I loved it. It is a great game. I think, for me, it was the Greek Mythology and seeing it all intertwined, whether it was true or not, that made it so fun for me.

The only things that kept this game from being exceptional were the slow camera, and the ending. I know that sounds like a lot, but considering how good the game was for me, I feel that I can be a little more picky in its review. There are times during the game that the camera is slow to catch up around a corner, or if you're surrounded by enemies and you want to see which way they're coming from, the camera doesn't whip around very fast for quick scanning. And the ending, it happens rather suddenly. Maybe that's a good thing, that I got through the game and was so involved that all of a sudden I was fighting and the next I wasn't, but for me, I like a little more of a let down from the ending climax, a kind of final wrap up, instead of a "okay you won, here's what happens to the main character, the end." I like to know the whole story.

Speaking of story, Rise of the Argonauts had a great story. Yes it was very predictable in the game format, much like Mass Effect or the KOTOR series, where there was the main intro level, three "building" levels, with the final run to the end. But the story, seeing which mythical character was going to appear next, how I was going to beat the level, who I was going to take on my voyage, was all very worth it. Also the creative portrayal of certain characters, like Hercules, Daedalus, and Medusa was interesting and entertaining.

Overall, a great game. Extremely entertaining, very fun. A couple of hitches and flaws to keep it from being epic like Halo, or the above mentioned games, but definitely one I will add to my collection of games.

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