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Copacabana Champion

Came 1st in all Copacabana Beach minigames.

Market Mentor

Came 1st in all Fruit Market minigames.

Garage Guru

Came 1st in all Luiz Garage minigames.

Aviary Ace

Came 1st in all Aviary minigames.

Warehouse Winner

Came 1st in all Smuggler's Warehouse minigames.

Corcovado Captain

Came 1st in all Corcovado minigames.

Happily Ever After

Completed Story Mode.

Story Superstar

Completed Story Mode, coming 1st in each minigame.

VS Veteran

Came 1st in a VS mode game.

Carnaval King

Came 1st in all Carnaval minigames.


Stunned 50 players with the bodyguard power-up.

Party Perfection

Completed all games to gold standard in Party Mode.

Street Star

Came 1st in all Rio Streets minigames.

Rare Specimen

Played all Aviary minigames.


Played all Smuggler's Warehouse minigames.

High Flyer

Played all Corcovado minigames.

Gone Native

Played all Rainforest minigames.


Played all Moose Lake minigames.

Urban Myth

Played all Rio Streets minigames.

Carnaval Spirit

Played all Carnaval minigames.

Forest Fanatic

Came 1st in all Rainforest minigames.

Moose Lake Master

Came 1st in all Moose Lake minigames.

Beach Bum

Played all Copacabana Beach minigames.

Market Trader

Played all Fruit Market minigames.

Grease Monkey

Played all Luiz Garage minigames.


Collected 1000 items.

Chilli Crasher

Stunned 100 players whilst under the effect of chilli.

Mega Multiplier

Raised the standard game multiplier to x3.

A Good Start

Came 1st in a total of 10 minigames.

Born Winner

Came 1st in a total of 100 minigames.


Came 1st in a total of 200 minigames.

Fancy Dress

Played as all playable characters.

Multiplayer Master

Won a game in any mode against 3 human players.

Star Spinner

Scored over 700 points in a Carnaval Wheel game.

Marathon Session

Ran 26 miles.

Lost In The Rhythm

Ran 50m whilst in a latin trance.

Super Shocker

Hit 100 players with shock and awe.

Quiz Master

Won a Quiz Mode game without getting a quiz question wrong.

Follow The Leader

Won a Carnaval Dance Standard mode game.

Crazy Challenger

Won a Carnaval Dance Crazy mode game.

Wheel Winner

Won a Carnaval Wheel game.

Team Player

Came 1st in a Team Party game.

Quiz Team Champions

Came 1st in a Team Party Quiz game.

Quiz Champion

Came 1st in a VS Quiz game.

Super Powers

Collected all special pickups in the game.

Movie Mogul

Answered all movie questions in the game correctly.

Brazilian Brains

Answered all Brazil trivia questions in the game correctly.

Garland Gala Novice

Reached Luiz's target score in Garland Gala.

Garland Gala Pro

Reached Mauro's target score in Garland Gala.

Garland Gala Guru

Reached Nigel's target score in Garland Gala.