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Less fun than a real circus

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 15, 2009

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It’s the Greatest Show on Earth (at least it claims to be). Here, you can perform several thrilling acts in the circus - like the trapeze acts, the high wire walking, shooting out of a cannon and the animal acts.
But there’s also the clowning around with pies, bowling and tricycle racing.
In all, there’s 22 single player mini games available, and they are a mixed bag. I had fun hitting clowns with pies and zooming inside a sphere on a motorcycle,
But there’s several games that gave me no joy. The rhythm based game was a chore to listen to, spinning plates, juggling balls, walking the high wire and doing spins on the trapeze was more annoying than fun. Adding to the headaches are the lackluster controls that almost always fail on the juggling, and made several other games very tough (trapeze, escape artist, spinning plates, taming tigers and doing acrobats). I really wonder how thoroughly they tested these controls (I say it needed more testing).
By passing each mini game, you get one step closer to putting on a show in the big top. Do well in the big show and you get lots of Barnum Bucks (you also get them by passing the mini games) With these bucks you can buy outfits and prizes that … don’t add anything to the experience. Wow, a parasol - just exactly what I’m looking for (not).
You can get one other player to join you in multiplayer mode - and only one other player (other mini game compilations let you have up to four player fun, but not here.) You can only play seven games, not the 22 that the single player mode offers (what a rip off).
So this game gives a lackluster single player mode and a multiplayer mode - far from the “Greatest Show on Earth” Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey, the game, is just another run of the mill mini game compilation. SKIP IT.

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