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When going around any corner, enter a drift by holding X + Square and the direction of the turn. It will automatically keep you in the middle of the road. Any time you enter a drift, it will steer for you and keep you in the middle of the road.

Quick start:

Press X, and at the bottom you will see all the numbers. Keep it at 7 to get a great start REMEMBER: This varies by car. At the start of a race, look at your rpm gage. There is either a red line or a red zone. When the countdown to race has started, keep the needle just below the red line. There should also be a small light; if that starts blinking you have gone too far. If done correctly, you should start at about 40 mph.

Faster speed:

When driving in a race and the bar that turns yellow starts to blink, press Right. This will make you go faster.