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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by StupyInZeBox (OGDEN, UT) Apr 12, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

I've had this game for 2 hours. I'm sending it back. It just didn't work. If you want to drift, you have to actually get into a fist fight with the car. By the time you've got it loose, it's already too late and your crashing into something. even if you manage to get it to slide around a corner, getting it back under control is almost impossible. There was also what I like to call "Burnout Syndrome". When you "Frag" (I thought having that term in a racing game was odd) a rival, you get to watch them crash in slow motion while the AI takes over your car and immediately drives into something stupid. The soundtrack had too much Skrillex (I despise Skrillex) and the rest of the other 4 artists they had weren't exactly to my taste either. Despite all this complete and utter suckage, there were some very interesting concepts that I would like to see carried over into another, better executed game. Driving through an exploding building never got old, being able to crash throught certain elements of the track that other games would have made unbreakable was pretty sweet, and showing things like your position, the split, and your points in the enviroment, basicly eliminating the need for a hud was pretty cool. Overall this game had potential in spades, but all of it was mired in wonky controls and a horribad soundtrack. I wouldn't recomend this game to anyone ever.

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GF Rating


Waste of waiting time

posted by lexman (CRANFORD, NJ) Apr 11, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

I really hate waiting for a release on something that in pictures looks amazing...then you get it and SURPRISE! another stupid arcade game! C'mon, the thing is so dark you have to pause it,crank the brightness all the way up so you don't keep driving into walls!..which in some cases will break away,and some wont..just plain dumb! One reviewer here was correct on the drifting,almost impossible to master and keep the car off the outer wall. All you men out there who used to play hours of GRID online!...(those were the freekin days,huh?),leave this garbage to your little brother,or sister. Oh, and when you do go head on into a wall..the graphics go black and white slow-mo overhead shot with some smoke and sparklers going off around it..the worst I've ever seen,left me shaking my head in total disbelief on how cheap it looked..really Namco ?? Its almost like the designers were being held at gunpoint to get this one on the shelves! Totally not worth the wait would be a gross understatement on this one! Rent it, you'll see...and for Gods sake DON'T BUY IT! p.s., the engines DO sound good,but that's it!

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A knockoff of Need for Speed

posted by shooterjunkie56 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Apr 4, 2012

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Member since May 2011

I was excited when I first heard about RR unbounded. It was going to try something different with the series and try to be more of an action racing game than a traditional arcade racer. Sadly while a good attempt the execution was quite poor.
Ridge Racer unbounded is without a doubt a knockoff of games such as Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and NFS the Run. There's nothing wrong with trying to be better than those games but with this game it just falls on its face. The driving is very bad. It's very stiff meaning the cars don't turn very well. Drifting is also terrible. Most of the time you end up running into objects along the way when you try to correct the drift. The graphics aren't the good either. The cars look ok but the environments lack detail and can look a bit pixelated at times.
Nothing about RR Unbounded is any good. I'd say this is one of the worst racers I've played since Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an engine. Just stay away from this game.

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