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GF Rating

Above Average

Hard to Drift This Difficulty Curve!

posted by chodathecat (PHOENIX, AZ) Jul 23, 2012

Member since May 2011

Having never played any other Ridge Racer game, I cannot compare Unbounded to its predecessors, however, I can go as far to say that it was "Above Average".


-Track Editor allows for some interesting creations, including tracks designed for boosting achievements.

-Graphics were run of the mill, but still bearable, lots track interactivity.

-Blowing stuff up and crashing through buildings.


-Difficulty curve is ridiculous, perhaps designed for twitch arcade racers who spend their days at Gameworks?

-Besides the few known Skrillex tracks, the soundtrack is all obscure Japanese techno, had me turning the volume down.

-Bad translations in some of the loading screen on-screen tips.

-Did I mention the difficulty curve? I ended up returning the game with a couple districts where I had 3 stars in every track but still couldn't progress due to point differentials.


Rent this, and check out the user created tracks for achievement-boosting tracks. Was able to get 500 GS before the difficulty and frustration got the better of me.

6 for effort.

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GF Rating



posted by lonewolfconman (MAYSVILLE, KY) Jul 13, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

I wanted to like this game, I love games like the Burnout series, Blur etc...but this game just wouldnt let me like it. At times it was fun, but more often I found it not fun and very aggrivating and frustrating instead. If the actual Ridge Racer drifting mechanics were in place in this game from the previouos Ridge Racer games, it could have helped keep up the fast pace flow for the game. Instead, the drifts more times than not were spinouts, wall smahes, and complete turn-arounds in the wrong direction to only sometimes be fragged by Ai drivers. This problem put the brakes on the fun to be had here.

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GF Rating

Above Average

A step in the right direction

posted by DanNaruto1 (CHANNAHON, IL) May 10, 2012

Member since Aug 2010

Its about time Ridge Racer turned a new leaf and went in a new direction. For a while now Ridge Racer went through the same old path for years while every racing game evolved around it. And just racing around on a track was just getting old and outdated, so I applaud Ridger Racer Unbounded for breaking the old Ridger Racer formula. The game to me is like a Burnout, Flatout, Split/Second combined into one. The game doesnt have a story, which is good, because racing games don't need a storyline, its racing, it speaks for itself. The game difficulty at times can be unfair and cheap, making you retry a race over 5 times just to make it into the top 3. The game has this type of point total system where you get points for finishing 3rd, 2nd and 1st, but the thing is the game in the later stages forces you to win every race and get very high point total just to unlock the next race which is fine, but if the AI didn't cheat so much it would be a much funner experience. The modes in Unbounded include, Domination, Frag Attack, Time Attack, Drift, and Shindo Race. Frag Attack is the best by far and Drift is probably the least best one. The best part of this game though is the Track Editor, where you can create a city which tracks and modes of your choice, you can practically do anything with as many exploding barrells and mega jumps as you want, and when your done you can publish your track online where people can try out the tracks in your city. As far as the game value goes, this game is worth a rent, not a buy.

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