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Above Average

Ridge Racer Needs a Rebound

posted by Chevy2ner (MACON, GA) Apr 15, 2012

Member since Sep 2007

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Ridge Racer has always been a fun game of its own. I've played ridge racer 6 and i was thoroughly impressed with the game. Now this game is a different story, ive tried and tried and tried to get into this game but its really not all that entertaining. The graphics are pretty good but the gameplay was just not there also, the skill level of the ai can sometimes be a pain. As a racer i tried to give this game a good chance but honestly there was no story and the online is super dead so what is good about this game?

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Very Good

Flatout meets Split/Second.

posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Apr 2, 2012

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Member since Apr 2010

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Being a pretty big Ridge Racer fan back in the day, i was very skeptical of this one. But as it turns out it ain't bad, but it ain't Ridge Racer. Lemme break it down:

The Good:
-Track Editor: Its become the norm in GOOD racing games nowadays and this one is no different, with the tile style Basic Editor to the item heavy Advanced Editor, you can make the city based track of your dreams.
-Destruction: Since this game is made by the car destruction geniuses Bugbear(of FlatOut fame), you know you're gonna get some carnage, plus the Split/Second style environmental destruction makes for an awesome experience.
-Multiplayer, Lots of modes, most of them EXTREMELY competitive.

The Meh:
-The Driving Mechanics, Its arcadey and tough to master.
-The Graphics, the environments look great but cars(post carnage) look terrible.

The BAD:
-Soundtrack, besides the good ol RR music, there's dubstep, not a big fan.
-Lack of Campaign, all you get is a silly story in an intro cinematic and thats it, the rest is just a list of races and you earn points to unlock Cars, Tiles for the editor and even more races to do.

Overall, It ain't RR but its a pretty good racing game, good features, decent racing mechanics, fun multiplayer. Though i do think Bugbear and Namco shoulda teamed up for a new FlatOut, this will do for now, its a RENT.

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its got it all

posted by JXC2010 (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Aug 9, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

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destruction mayhem drifting oh and racing at its finest who hates wraping their car around some bridge support and losing the race... everybody thats who well to heck with it just go right through the darn thing and taking out your opponent at the same time is just icing on the cake the latest ridge racer. been playing all the ridge racer games for a long time and i must say this one has it all. if you only played the demo than you are missing out on the rest of the fun. drift races time trials stunt races and stright up frag races. and they still have the good old straight up racing skill beats all so buckle up and take'm out in this rockin game.

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