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Ridge Racer 7


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Gameplay Controls

Ridge Racer 7

L1 Button Switch Gear
R1 Button Switch Gear
Select Button Camera Tracking On/Off
Left stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Left/Right = Steer
Combo #1 Camera Horizontal Tracking (When Camera Mode ON) = Roll Controller
Combo #2 Camera Vertical Tracking (When Camera Mode ON) = Pitch Controller
Combo #3 Steer = Roll Controller (When Assigned To Motion Sensor)
Combo #4 Upshift = Tilt Controller Forward (When Assigned To Motion Sensor)
Combo #5 Downshift = Tilt Controller Away (When Assigned To Motion Sensor)

Directional Buttons Up/Down = Change Viewed Machine (Spectator Mode Only). Left/Right = Change View.
X Button Exit Replay/Spectator Screen
Circle Button Touch Screen Display
L1 Button Normal Play Speed
Start Button Pause (Spectator Mode)
Select Button Toggle Help On/Off
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Control Driver Camera