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drifting away

posted by airave (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Jan 17, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

sure drift racing is pretty sweet, but NOT EVERY TURN OF EVERY RACE!

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considering its ridge racer its not bad

posted by Raid3n (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) May 29, 2007

Member since May 2003

Ridge Racer has always been known for the fast drift racing to unique techno.
not much has changed since the release of 6 on the 360.
now you can customize cars, but its pretty limited.
theres some depth to the career for once, but it still isnt a whole lot.
in game racing also has not changed much since 6.
you can now slipstream but it seems as if that was just thrown in, there is no noticeable difference from using it and not. and you can be at least a good 75-100 feet behind and still get it.

the game itself isnt too bad, but it still isnt up to par with some racing games like forza and grand turismo, but there doesnt seem to be any intentions to make it that good anyways

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Very Good

Pretty, Arcadey Racer

posted by Bubbha (REDLANDS, CA) May 5, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

From the time I played Outrun in the arcades, while I've always loved sims the likes Gran Turismo, I also enjoy a great, unrealistic arcade racer and this one is it.

The last great game in this vein was Outrun 2006, for ps2.

Arcade racing for me has always been about the scenery. I race to win, just to see the next track, admire the graphics. And RR7 doesn't disappoint. Every track is gorgeous, and surprisingly, the music is not bad and the car sounds are quite good, getting a sense of surround even out of a 2.1 system.

Arcade racers are about feel and timing, and once you get used to Ridge Racer's "need for drift," you can have a lot of fun with the subtlest of motions, and there is some strategy to be had in how you fix up your car, use your nitrous, and how you use slipstreaming/drafting.

After a race, you can watch a replay, something of importance to me because it reminds of when I was a kid and I would watch these things and be amazed at the graphics. The neatest looking replay camera is first person, with a bumper cam that shakes with the vibration of the car. There are many cinematic attentions to detail, such as bloom and glow, backlighting, reflections, water reflections, streaming lights, shiny cars. Every track has it's own atmosphere and feel-- they're all very artistically put together. This game is certainly a feast for the eyes.

An all around great arcade racer. The best arcade racer I've ever played has to be Midnight Club DUB Remix, but until it comes out for PS3 (I pray), and until Outrun...2008(?) comes out, this is the arcade racer to play.

I forgot to mention, the game has a very nice atmosphere, the menus, the sterile/cheesy announcers, and that gorgeous Asian babe. The whole game comes across as classy and polished.

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