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Ridge Racer 6

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posted by DanNaruto1 (CHANNAHON, IL) Aug 26, 2011

Member since Aug 2010

Ah the good old days, I remember going to Chuckie Chesses when I was young and not a care in the world and my favorite aracade racing game other then Crusin USA was Ridge Racer. This game brings back all those good memories whether they be good or bad. The game lets you race in 1st person or 3rd, but I have to say, even though is mostly all other racing game I like to race in 3rd person, but for Ridge Racer, 1st person is the better choice to race in. The game has pretty good selection of cares and tracks, wish they would have included the old original tracks from the arcade Ridge Racer, but we can't get everything we want. I'm not sure about the new gimicky nitro addition, its ok, but I think the game would be better without it. The game starts out easy, but trust me, later in game in the faster car classes, racing perfectly for 3 laps may be the only way to narrowly win a race against the brutal AI. I know Ridge Racer announcers haven't been what we would call "passable" but in this game this guy named DJ is a total annoying douch, and you might want to tell him to take a hike and turn his sound off completely. This game is great for Ridge Racer fans, but ONLY for Ridge Racer fans, anyone else might not like it that much.

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Ridge Racer 6

posted by xpart123 (KANSAS CITY, MO) Jul 24, 2011

Member since Jun 2008

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this is perfect for those who want to play gran turismo 3 but want a more up to date version of it.

the graphics are really awesome on the xbox 360

they gameplay is a little bit different than most driving games
insted of the right trigger being the gas button its the a button for
gas. and for drifting holding b and a a at the same time.
but otherwise its a pretty fun game.

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Bad GaMe

posted by uifghfdjg (AMBLER, PA) Dec 18, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

This game is not good

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