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Weakest Racing Game OUT!

posted by sNakel337 (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 27, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

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Gamertag: snakel337

I’ve had my share of racing games for all the systems, but I must say this is probably one of the worse games I’ve ever played, hands down. I will go into detail into describing why I feel this way; perhaps it is biased, or perhaps the game just didn’t present itself in a way that I, or any other gamer for that matter, would want to play it.

The GOOD: The music was very good, at least in my opinion. Most racing games usually have voices in the songs, this one was strictly beats. The graphics were OK, perhaps not bad for a lauch title but it could use some work.

THE BAD: Lets start with graphics. Ok, I know I said above that the graphics are OK for a launch title, and they are…my problem is with the sense of speed that you get from this game…..there is NONE. For some reason it just looks the same even if you’re sliding around a turn at 100 MPH. The only time you get to really see some speed is when you hit the NOS button. The online play is horrible, I’ve played about 5 to 6 games online and every single one of them lagged – it was ridiculous!(for those thinking it’s my connection, it can’t be. I’ve hosted games on GRAW with 16 players and it was lag free). I just have a problem with the whole setup of the game, and how the whole thing works. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never played a Ridge Racer before… This game just doesn’t have any replay factor, or any play factor for that matter. After a while you just don’t want to play it because it gets really boring. What’s the sense of playing a racing game that feels like it’s running at 2 FPS(frames per second).

In any event, I think the overall score from gamefly really reflects the overall performance of the game. If you are thinking of what racing games to rent you have much better choices – choose PGR3, or Burnout, or NFSMW…anything except this one. I give this game a 5 for effort.

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Ridge Racer 6....Yawn.

posted by whospink (MARLTON, NJ) May 11, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

I really wanted to like this game. Maybe if I hadn't already played NFS: Most Wanted or Burnout Revenge, my comments would be more favorable. To be honest, I didn't spend a great deal of time with RR6. That's because I couldn't get past the two things that annoyed me the most about this game--the highly unrealistic (and often frustrating) physics, and the extremely annoying announcer.

To be fair, games such as Burnout Revenge don't offer real-life cars and the controls aren't very realistic (as is the case with RR6), but that game has so many other things going for it. RR6 simply didn't offer anything in terms of sheer excitement or fun. Sure, the graphics are pretty but that alone does not make for a great game. There has to be something more substantial. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it in RR6.

I've played some of the previous versions of Ridge Racer on other platforms, so I had some idea of what to expect. I was never a huge fan of the series but I love racing games in general. To its credit, RR6 does carry on the tradition of the Ridge Racer series--which is to say, everything you loved or hated about the game is carried forward into this version.

I had some difficulty mastering the drift in this game. It seemed more exaggerated than I remember. Also, the other opponents are very unforgiving and this just adds to the frustration for a beginner. And all the while, the in-game announcements will grate on your nerves VERY quickly. I didn't stick around long enough to see if there was an option to turn it off (other than muting the sound on my TV).

Overall, I was rather disappointed in RR6. If you're a diehard fan of the series, it's worth a rental. Otherwise, I'd pass on RR6--there are several other far superior racing games for the Xbox 360.

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Crazy Drifting

posted by type1fan (PETERSBURG, VA) Jul 31, 2006

Member since May 2005

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Normally, I hate racing games. I don't consider the Burnout Series racers even though they are fun to play, the physics are just too unbelievable. NFS was ,to me, boring and too difficult to control. RR6 on, the other hand, is a great racing game. The controls are tight, the drifting(once you get the hang of it)is dead on and the sense of speed is fantastic. Because of this game, I will be more willing to give true racers a try.

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