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Ride to Hell: Retribution


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WoW!!!! This takes bad to a new level.

posted by LIQUIDFX00 (BIRMINGHAM, AL) Jul 18, 2013

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Member since Feb 2012

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My first gripe with this game is the loading times. don't expect it to load right 9 times out of 10. i have had to dashboard more times than the game would actually load. yeah, its that bad. as for the game, it is a broken mess.

I installed the game and had worse problems than without like falling through the ground into nothingness and having to load my checkpoint. i don't know i keep playing but i am almost done. i can only take it little at a time though because this game is one huge rage quitting machine. i swear i think they made the game this bad on purpose. i actually say rent it to see how bad it is.

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How do games like these still get created?

posted by King4day (CHARLOTTE, NC) Jul 8, 2013

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1. Controls. I feel like, with hack and Slash type games, I should be able to just button mash and something good will happen. That's not the case. The controls are slow, albeit, easy to learn.

2. Vision while riding the bike. The scenery makes it tough to see what's coming next and I find myself running into too many things.

3. No radar. Outside of a little yellow marker when you press the left joystick in, there's really no radar to tell you what's around or where to go next. Sometimes when you explore different areas, the screen turns you around (basically indicating that this area is off limits).

4. The intimate scenes. As a guy, it's really not that big of a deal, but apparently every woman in the game is a prostitute....and boy are they repetitive.


1. The music. That's really it for me. If you like metal, every song I heard in this game was extremely catchy.

In closing:

I sense that, like Duke Nukem from a couple of years ago, this game was intended for the original Xbox. Maybe it never found a developer to take off with it, but it should have stayed in the vault.

If you have some time between games you plan on renting, go ahead and give it a try. It's an unusual experience to see a game like this come out and I think most hardcore games should be aware that it can happen from time to time and what a really bad game is.

I gave this a 3 due to the music and the music alone.

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Really Bad

Ride is horrible ride

posted by Jsun4hees (PORTLAND, OR) Aug 7, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Once went to a party where there were doughnuts. I was excited because I love doughnuts, but as I bit into the glazed confection my taste buds were assaulted by the flavor of raw dough. That is what playing Ride is like, it just wasn't fully baked.

I was excited for this game, the trailer looked like a giant pile of awesome badassery, the articles I read about it (all from 2010, I might add) said it would be a sandbox style smorgasbord of 1960s motorcycle mayhem where you could take over different territories by pushing drugs and beating the grease out of other bikers.

Ride is none of that.

The cut scenes are a jagged mess of poor story telling, the music is as if someone took Buddy Holly's guitar and put it in a garbage disposal, the graphics are like staring at a beautiful desert landscape through a piece of burnt toast.

Even simple things like falling off your bike are..oh wait, you can't fall off your bike, if you do something like go careening headlong into a hippie bus all that happens is your bike bounces off and keeps going for a second until the screen fades to black and you are warped back to where you were.

The fighting system is complete bunk. Unless you are nailing headshot after headshot, your gun is about as useful as fighting a rabid badger with a box of bottlecaps and occasionally even with headshots your gun is worthless (18 shots to the head and chest should be enough to kill a henchman, this may have been a glitch.)

What really kills me is that this could have been a good game if the time had been put in, the bones are there, the schematics, the blue print for a good game is buried in there somewhere and it is depressing that no one found it.

Rent this game, just to see how freaking bad it is, seriously.

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