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Also on:PS2
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Nostaliga in a box.

posted by MooseDoc (ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL) Jul 17, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

I don't know why I had this game, it was cheap but boy was it fun. My cousin and I laughed so hard. I was about 17 when I had it so way too old for it. XD We mostly laughed at how hilariously cheap it was. 'The winner is .... THIS PLAYER with....THIS many POINTS.' It's now an inside joke we share. Pick up this game, if not for the graphics but for the laughs.

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Ribbit king

posted by frolfchamp (BATTLE CREEK, MI) Apr 12, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

this game may be the best game i have played in a while
its fun and relaxing at the same time if youve had a stressful day
go against all of the characters
Pan-Pan:a very easy and fun character he uses hopper
Lunk:a rock monster who looks vicious but is actually a gentle giant he uses lil lunk
Sir Waddlesworth:a very small fling mini whale from planet frosticle who bulilt a robo penguin with a watch spring he uses wadsworth
pappy:a very small character who cant realll y hit but can swim
princess tippi of tippi toenail she is a very tired and weird character she uses dipsy
Kosmo:an alien from another planet who holds a ray gun and has a strong shot he uses atom
sparky and woosh:two video game ADDICTSwho are more focused on the game then the frolf match they use spark
Snork:a pair of alien pigs who plan to destroy ribbetopia
and lastly Gumbah Goo the gumballl machine in the ship a very hard competotor and SUPER CHEAP if your look ing for videos look for laylalightstar2500
also if you beat the characters they will offer you an egg to hatch their frog usually just play picwick a few time to rack up some points after 3 rounds it will have gone egg,tadpole,and frog
hope you have a great time playing

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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun with two players!

posted by BULLY123 (PRATTVILLE, AL) Nov 8, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since Jul 2008

I LIKE THE GAME! It's funny and weird and odd! I thought the game would be like Animal Crossing by looking at it. You play "golf" against each other in tournaments and stuff...but that is it. I played it with someone else and it is MADE for two players! :) Sorry all you one players out there reading this! (Check out other reviews by me BULLY123 and have a nice day!)......

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