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I think you should try this.

posted by copperman7 (RAMONA, CA) Mar 8, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

This game is really neat in its puzzles and gameplay. The game really makes you think outside of the box to get past areas, and I found the mini games to be challenging, but fair. Also the cutscenes and overall presentation is stellar. The 3D works great and the music is very fitting to the mood. While it did become frustrating at times, I can tell you you will probably like it. Usually these games aren't my cup of tea, but you really need to at least try it.

+Mini games
+Looks Great!
-Difficulty Spike in Minigames

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GF Rating


Could not buy into it

posted by HippyVock (FITCHBURG, WI) Jan 10, 2013

Member since May 2006

1 out of 3 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

I play a lot of games on many different systems and sometimes a game comes along that seems like it should be just what I was looking for, but instead I send it back faster then I can get out of a bad date. I played a few scant boards, didn't like anything I was looking at or listening to and when I failed a jumping section within the first five button presses a couple dozen times without ever having the tiniest of clues as to the why or how of it all, I remember how much I appreciate Gamefly.

To say it all a different way: I didn't like the music. I didn't like how the game in no way utilized 3D - it is there, but your character always moves along a predetermined 2D route. I didn't like the non-music still scenes where you have to tap every where to find hidden medals and then have a static conversation to move the plot along. I didn't like how the game told you exactly where to go but made you do it as if there was a choice involved. I did not like this game, but I give it points for working (up until it didn't for me, but I have to assume others got past that part leaving me an exception for that problem, not the rule is my guess) and that is about it.

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Better grab this delightful title!

posted by LemmyKoopa (MADISON, WI) Dec 2, 2012

Member since Jan 2011

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Rhythm Thief delighted me as much as any game lately, with gameplay that is generally challenging and fair as well as varied, an overall strong score, and a healthy dose of whatever is the gaming equivalent of charisma.

The game has its flaws. Some of the rhythm games will take practice just to figure out how to use the controls or what timing you are aiming for; the targets are not all as clear as in other rhythm games I've seen. The story leaves way too much unresolved. It took me about 10 hours to beat the game and improve some of my scores, but if you cared only about passing through you'd probably find this way too short and way too easy. Walking around town and solving minor puzzles could easily be considered wasteful filler. Perhaps the biggest problem for completionists- a rating of A on each song is required to unlock the last song. As hard as that can be to begin with (and some motion-controlled games really don't help), there's another catch. The game only obviously saves your highest score, which is calculated differently from your grade. If you get a high score but not an A to go with it, you could have a hard time bettering it to save your A. Maybe your As count even if they're not saved in the final list. I didn't want to try to ace all the games and find out otherwise.

The list of flaws looks long, but most are ultimately minor or are easy to overlook in view of the original and exciting gameplay on offer. This is my favorite rhythm game I've played, I'd recommend it to fans of the genre as well as to sidescroller fans as the two genres secretly have similar qualities. I'm hoping there will be a sequel. I also have visions of a "we steal cuz we can" crossover between Phantom R, Sly Cooper, and Carmen Sandiego. They can be investigated by Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright after they complete their own, real crossover. But now I'm just getting silly.

Have fun!

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