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Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure


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Very Good

Very enjoyable but short old school RPG

posted by cosmonauts (MONTROSE, CO) Feb 8, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

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I had so much fun playing this game. The humor is spot on, and the old school mechanics are right up my alley.

You play this game as Cornet, a homely girl looking to gain the heart of the prince of the land. It's a nice role reversal. You can also talk to puppets and make them come to life, and therein lies your party members. Actually, collecting puppets adds some strategy and length to the game.

Gameplay here is strictly old school RPG. Which in my mind is a wonderful thing. Turn-based battles, spells, special attacks, etc. are all here in all their glory. What really shines is the story. It is funny, heartwarming, and engrossing all at the same time. I found myself really liking my characters and rooting for them. There's some sad events that occur in the narrative and I actually felt emotionally involved in them. Kudos for that!

They only problem in this great game is the length. I finished it in under 10 hours (without collecting puppets) in my first playthrough. That's just way too short for a RPG. However, would I have been as emotionally and intellectually involved if it was too much longer? I don't know.

This game has "rental" written all over it. This is the type of game GameFly was made for.

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posted by Inagasaki (PAHRUMP, NV) Nov 18, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

I've not met many trumpet players in my time, but I think it's a safe bet to say that they are not as confusing as the main character Cornet. I can understand being a girly tomboy, but what boggled me was that her attacks were a choice of using a trumpet, and throwing candies at the enemy.

This game amused me. There were some clever lines that made me chuckle, but all in all, it was just something to pass time. The battle system is fairly simplistic. So-much-so that they didn't add a tutorial for it. It bothered me that they took the time to explain that currency doubled as energy in this world, but not how your music meter worked, or how to unlock Cornet's special abilities. A lot of things I came across by pure luck.

While the game isn't hard, there were times that were very frustrating. Having to go through the same area multiple times to advance the story really bothered me. For instance, you reach the top of a mountain then get back down to the bottom; only to realize that the people you needed to talk to have gone back to the top already. I couldn't understand how I missed an entire village running up the mountain that I was coming down from!

The characters were cute and entertaining, but there wasn't much interaction other than the main three. The story was lacking however.

It came as quite a surprise that sounds and music were pretty bad considering that "musical adventure" was right in the title.

So, if you want a couple of giggles and need to pass some time, play this with the sound turned off.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game, an RPG for the casual gamer

posted by Ivellias (HIGHLAND FALLS, NY) Oct 8, 2008

Member since May 2005

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, is an rpg originally created for the original playstation system.
The first twenty minutes of the game introduces the characters in a rather shaky plot. You play a young woman with a magic horn, who has the odd ability to understand puppets, and to use her horn to bring them to life to fight for her(basic stuff,right?)

Instead of using your puppets to take over the planet, instead you moon over the Prince(who is perfect in every way, except for being a bit slow on the uptake), who saves you in the beginning.

At first I found the story and dialogue a bit gating,but after a few minutes of play the story picks up, comedic and tender with a few fourth-wall-breaking slips(For example, when I messed up a fight, the main character asked 'Hey you!With the Stylus!Did you mess me up?!".

The gameplay is rather simple, and in this reviewer's opinion, it's only downside. Not that it isn't well-implemented. Commands are intuitive and combat flows smooth and easy, with characters moving in concert to make sure you're not waiting forever to fight.
No, the only problem with gameplay is that it is horrendously, horrendously easy. The only challenges you'll find are the boss fights, and I did not once even use a single item to heal, aid, or otherwise bolster my little puppets.

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