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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War


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Wolfenstein 3D

After finishing the game in single player campaign mode you will unlock the original Wolfenstein 3D.

Stealth Kills

By performing a stealth kill you will receive extra goodies (dropped by the enemy) as well as your enemies inability to warn their Nazi comrades. If you decide to use a load weapon such as the machine gun your presence will be known and the alarm will sound.

Secret Areas

Upon finding all the secret areas in any given level you will be awarded extra armor, health, and/or ammo.

Xbox Live

Sixteen players can go head to head in various modes for the online version of this game on the Microsoft Xbox network. Remember when playing in teams to have a diverse group of individuals (soldier, lieutenant, engineer, and medic). Medic's prove to be very important since there are no power-ups, extra ammo, or health. The only way to heal yourself is through a Medic's health packs. The Soldier has the most available weapons. Engineers can repair gun turrets and set explosives / defuse explosives.

Xbox Version

The Microsoft Xbox version of this game adds seven levels of prologue to the title.

Peeking around corners

By clicking and holding the Left Analog-stick while moving it left or right. The only problem will be your inability to shoot.

Head shots

Turn off the automatic aim option to get a good head shot. Otherwise, you will lock on to the enemy's body.

Multi-player mode Airstrike

A lieutenant can call in an airstrike by pushing Zoom, then pulling the trigger on where you want the bombs to drop. There is a ten second delay.

Multi-player mode Medical kit

A medic can help his teammates by switching to the medical kit. Push R to drop it