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It was alright...I guess

posted by WolfpackSD (EL PASO, TX) Nov 10, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

When I first saw the preview for this game, I thought it was going to be another shoot em' up type of game. I was tooken by surprise when I was introduced to the gameplay aspects. Don't get me wrong, I already knew that the game had a mix of shooter elements with RPG gameplay, but the shooter elements focused a little to much on strategy and took away the simple task of pressing a button and firing the gun. I am not a very big fan of RPG gameplay, so I didn't have as much fun with it as I did had trouble with it. The tutorial for this game is a little complicated and it may take a while for you to complete. It's not because it's hard, it's because it is long. The one thing that really annoyed me about this game was the charging factor. in order to shoot a gun, the charger for it must get up to a certain point. If it doesn't at least get up to there, it won't fire. The charger can be slowed down by distance and status problems, making it a real pain when it comes to killing an enemy. If you are expecting more of a shooter in the game, you are slightly mistaking. If you are a fan of RPG titles, then this game is definetly for you.

On the bright side, the cinimatics of the game are very well done. There is even some humor in that will gaurantee a smile. The most interesting part of the game is the enemies. You will be fighting monsters, robots, and gunmen for a majority of the time. The most interesting monsters are the bosses. The boss fights in the game, like every other RPG title, are the most challenging part of the game. This is where you will have to think a little if you want to win. You may get a win by constantly hitting it over and over again and again and again, but that won't always work. When you see a boss for the first time, you will either think "Hey, he looks cool" or "Oh my god, how am I supposed to beat that?"

However, i will say that just becasue I didn't like the strategy elements, that doesn't mean you won't.

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GF Rating


Missed by just that much

posted by chrono2016 (PINELLAS PARK, FL) Oct 26, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

This game is very interesting, and has a neat battle mechanic and customization galore, but after about 6 hours (Chapter 2) you would have to be a masocist to continue. I am in now way saying I am not up for a tough game, but there is a point where the programmers are just trying to prove how smart they are in the game. It's un-neccessary.

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