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Above Average

You'll either love it or hate it

posted by killquick4 (HOMESTEAD, PA) Jun 30, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

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All the reviews claiming it's to hard where written by idiots who couldn't or didn't read how the game actually works and therfore died all the time. this game does require you to pay VERY close attention to the story and characters or else you will never beat it. that being said tis is both good and bad for the game in different ways. for those who actually enjoy the challenge and are very picky about every detail you will love this game. Although for the gamers who love a challenge but don't pay to much attention to the story and just want to play you'll end up hating it.


-Very Challenging and requires you to plan many turns ahead before making a move
-Movement of enemies requires you to think if your move will kill you or win you a fight
-The combat system is very enjoyable once you get it down.
-The game doesn't hold your hand and play for you

-The hero gauge is WAY to short for the first half of the game
- Casual gamers ( like myself) will enjoy the game overall but hate more of it than the hardcore gamers.
- Boss Battles are insanely to hard in the beggining and this will discourage alot of players
- the hero gauge depletes to easy and you'll find yourself close to winning a battle then sitting in a corner until you get killed

Overall the game is fun for the hardcore RPG players but for the casual Gamers then this title should be avoided as it will annoy you more than you will find entertainment from it.

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Great game!!!

posted by ninjasqrl2 (FPO, AP) Mar 27, 2010

Member since Jul 2006

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

Ok first off I haven’t actually beat this game yet however I have put in about 30 hours of game play (way more than some of these other people trashing this game) and I feel that I have a good enough grasp of this game to write this review (once again unlike those others)

Battle system:This battle system is difficult. The very first thing you should do is go through the battle tutorial. This will probably take around 30min. if you don’t do this the rest of the game is going to prove difficult. The battle system is difficult to describe. Basically you have two types of damage you can deal to enemies scratch damage which is caused by machine guns and direct damage which is caused by hand guns and grenades. Scratch alone cannot hurt your enemy and it disappears with time but when ever you deal direct damage all the accumulated scratch damage turns into direct damage. So a good strategy is to use a MG to pile on a lot of scratch damage really fast than 1 hit with a HG or grenade to finish your enemy off. There are also others aspects of the combat system but you will just have to play the game yourself for those.

Story:The story is a little confusing but that’s pretty standard with JRPGs. Basically you play as three hunters, Leanne, Zyphyr, and Vashyron. Throughout the game you wander around Bazel completing tasks for the people and earning cash and various items in return. Bazel is a giant sort of clock tower that serves as your over world in the game. The higher levels(1-3) are part of chandelier and are home to the cardinals(nobility). You will receive various missions from here and there isn’t any real combat on these levels. Then as you go down the lower levels (4-9 are middle class with medium difficultly enemies. Finally the bottom levels (10-13) are the hardest in the most disrepair.

This is a very enjoyable game for any who appricate JRPGs. It takes some getting use to and it isnt a cakewake but the challange is what makes it a good game. overall 9.5

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GF Rating


Very good so far.

posted by reganj (LANSING, NY) Mar 19, 2010

Member since Sep 2007

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Granted, I am just three hours into the game but so far so good. You absolutely have to go straight to the Arena and get battle tutorial training. That training will explain the battle system completely. Insure you have about 30 minutes to dedicate to the tutorial because it pays off to complete it.
I entered my first real battle and handled it with ease. The customization for your weapons and characters is great. I enjoy the way you move along the world map and the graphics style is unique. Although it isn't the prettiest game, I am enjoying this way more than I did Final Fantasy XIII.

Give this game a try and complete the tutorials.

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