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Interesting Game and Battle System, Poor Execution

posted by cubsgirl (EMERYVILLE, CA) Jun 13, 2010

Member since Nov 2006

The first thing that strikes you about this game is, unfortunately, the ugly graphics. Subpar character models and ugly to look at, overly sharp textures in the city.

The game has some interesting concepts, and I tried it out for the mission system alone. The game's chapters center around a job assigned to you by a client, but throughout the game, you can head to the guild's job board and take on any number of side quests for money, items, etc.

The hex system of the world map is interesting as well. You gain Energy Hexes in battle and use them to unlock bits of the world map. Some places are locked, and you have to get a hex of the corresponding color to unlock them. I was a huge fan of this feature.

The battle system is complex and the game doesn't try very hard to describe it to you. You have to ask a specific character a specific question in order to find out the location you can go to to find the battle tutorial. This is good for people doing a second playthrough who don't want to have to go through the tutorial again, but leaves much to be desired for first-timers. Some of the battle systems, such as Tri-Attack, are explained VERY poorly in the menu, to the point where I almost couldn't figure out how to execute it.

Overall, the makers of this game had some fantastic ideas and really tried to bring some new elements to a genre that likes to stick to its cliches. The battle system was incredibly frustrating, especially how often your attacks can be interrupted. The targeting system is a mess as well, which can lead to frequent lost turns as the time runs out. I would love to see a sequel that's more polished overall because these concepts could go a long way because the game as-is is new and interesting, but incredibly frustrating.

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GF Rating


waste of time

posted by zerocool83 (LA VERGNE, TN) May 24, 2010

Member since May 2010

i waited around to play it and now i wish i would have not even popped it in. the graphics are horrible. the camera angle in towns is annoying and no give on the angles. as far as maps go the game doesn't offer much help in cities and the world map looks like a Chinese checker board... so now i am stuck with the shame of having this game on my ps3 0% on trophies! don't even bother with this game is an eyesore compared to other games on the market.

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posted by Iceman86 (MICHIGAN CITY, IN) May 23, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

This game is a total P.O.S. The graphics are of PS2 era at best....The story makes no sense what so ever....Even though this is a PS3 game, why is it that it reminds me so much of a PS1 game...what I mean by this is, you have to read everything in the game....come on people....the days of reading dialogue are over...BUT, I do have to admit I liked the fighting style in the game....I love the gun play....the only problem with it is that you can easily get beat by a low level enemy if u don't know what your doing....And after the 20th time getting beat by the same enemy, who by the way hits you one time and puts you in critical caution, you will be ready to ship this game back.

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