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A very nice surprise, well worth AT LEAST a look

posted by TheArcas (HESPERIA, CA) May 15, 2010

Member since May 2010

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Although I was always interested in Resonance of Fate since it's announcement, I was a little wary of the game at first. After a few hours of playing though, I was absolutely hooked!

The game's story unfolds in a very unfamiliar way which is a vague intro followed by a series of scenes that eventually tie everything together. It is a little confusing at times and was ultimately a letdown for me though. It's not terrible, just not as good as it could have been. In regard to the characters, they're fantastically done. I love every single one of them especially the main characters. The developers chose the perfect VA's and did an excellent job on their design. I actually enjoyed the characters so much that I overlooked the flawed story.

The game plays sort of like a mix of turn based and action rpg elements, and it mixes rather well. The fighting consists of two types of damage. Scratch and direct damage. Direct damage doesn't usually inflict much damage by itself but this is where scratch damage comes from. Scratch damage sticks to the enemies life bar and can be combined with direct damage to inflict maximum damage. One thing to note about the gameplay is that the game is pretty hard when comparing to other recent rpgs.

Sound and graphics:
Sounds effects like guns and pushing buttons are probably like you expect, they get the job done. The music is mostly just a bunch of hard rock music, nothing too exciting. A plus about music though is that through the XMB you can play your own music. A very nice feature to have. As for graphics, they're great and hold up well to other games.

Overall despite any flaws, this game is fantastic if you're into shooters/rpgs. There is a lot of strategy and pre-planning involved though so if that's not your style I don't recommend this. There's also a slight learning curve as well as a pretty high difficulty. Still, this is one of the best games I've played on my PS3 and look forward to a sequel.


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On the flip side

posted by zargot (PHOENIX, AZ) Aug 23, 2010

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Member since Oct 2009

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It seems everyone has negative things to say about this game. Well I will be the first to say I enjoyed it. The story trailed off a little at the end but the game play remained fun. I enjoyed the map system where you had to use the hexes to uncover the parts of the world you would like to visit. I like the quarkiness of the weapon customization, you can affix something like 10 barrels onto a single hand gun, lol. The battle system was a little hard at first to figure out but fun once you mastered it. Give it a try!

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One of a Few Solid RPGs for PS3.

posted by BaIIsweat (MEDFORD, OR) Sep 25, 2011

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I rented this game from Gamefly and ended up keeping it despite having beat the game. I figure it was worth it, and I'll probably replay the game at some point.

Firstly, kudos to Sega for a truly innovative and new battle-system that took some time to wrap my head completely around, but not long enough that I even came close to giving up. There have been sooooo many games that have tried new battle-systems for RPGs that just ended up disappointing me miserably. This isn't one of them. The battle system is pretty epic once you get the hang of out. For the slower learners, it might take awhile to get used to, but trust me when I say it's worth it.

The story is fairly decent, but not as captivating as I would like from an RPG. There are also menial side quests and an arena that you can participate in for additional rewards. I would've really liked to see more to this story, and for it to be more engaging. There are a couple of gaps, and you never really feel like the story is concluded, let alone truly started.

The upgrade system for weapons attachments is kind of ridiculous, but I'm sort of into figuring out what pieces I can put together in a puzzle in order to optimize my guns. It adds a bit of thinking, not much, and isn't completely necessary. You don't need to really have the best set-up to succeed. So, players who don't wanna bother hunting for certain pieces, etc. can just strap on whatever they can and it'll be fine, but for people who want the best they can opt to make the best.

It has some solid replay value too, but after doing all of the arena fights I needed a break before starting my new game +. I think anyone willing to take on a new, innovative battle-system with a decent story behind it will thoroughly enjoy this game. It's definitely worth a rent, and probably worthy of a purchase.

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