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posted by Seraphim (ESCANABA, MI) Dec 15, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

To say the least Resistance is a Solid title. I'm not to big on FPS, and especially not on console but Resistance was easily one of the best shooters I've ever played. And though I would'nt quite put it in the league of a game like Half Life 2 it easily delivers and establishes something close to that level of overall quality.

The AI is pretty good and you can see where it's only going to be getting better in the next installment or in the next year or two. For a launch title it seems Insomniac did a good job with enemy AI and though it's nothing spectacular it's a step up from the gargoyle enemies we all to often have faced.

The Story is actually pretty decent to good. Though it's nothing spectacular it's much better than most FPS stories. The weapons are all pretty cool (Insomniac came up with a couple sick Guns again), as are some of the new frags (ie: Hedgehog). The Level Design is above average to excellent imho, and again, the overall game is simply Solid. No camera issues, sound is good, gameplay is great, story is decent...

Co-Op campaign and online play are both excellent. In Co-Op if you or your friend goes down there's either a 30 second respawn (believe it was 30 sec; forget) or whomever is alive can come revive the other. All around the Co-Op just gives you another way to play the game, and lets you enjoy it with a friend. I played with a lame duck and I possibly had as much fun playing it Co-Op.

This is every bit what I expected, and imho is easily a must own title. It's easily a high quality game and it delivers on multiple angles and imo delivers in value. Between it being good enough to want to actually play 2, 3 or even 4+ times to the Co-Op and online play there's plenty of gaming to be had to warrant $6o imo. If you're not going to buy it then by all means at least do yourself a favor and rent it, have some fun with it, and enjoy it. Just be an idio and go into it thinking you're getting Halo or HL 2 or something, this is Resistance; 1/1

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