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The first FPS for Vita falls flat on its face...F.

posted by LinksALefty (AMERICAN FORK, UT) Jul 20, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

For me the major hook of the Vita when it was announced was being able to contribute to my PS3 trophy count while out and about and the inclusion of dual sticks.

So the Vita was released, and there was no FPS. Isn't that why you made the system? Get it together Shuhei!

But hopes were high because Burning Skies was near. If I had known it was going to come out as doughy as this then I would have kept it in the oven a bit longer. Because simply put, this addition to Resistance is just bad.

The graphics look like a PS2 prototype and the writing and voice acting sound like they were meant for a Nick Jr. Dora special. Why put such a casual effort in for a Rated M game? Not that you have to endure it that long because you'll probably hit the end credits before your bus ride is over.

The only thing that works are the core game mechanics. This is indeed a first-person shooter, and a pretty good one. But everything you see and hear is more than enough to outweigh that.

All in all, the game feels rushed out the door. Like they missed the launch window and just HAD to get something out NOW. The game isn't broken or anything like that. It just feels like they turned presentation and coding over to the interns.

-An FPS for the Vita! Finally!
-Insanely easy platinum trophy
-Touch controls actually make sense and act well in place of having an R2 and L2

-Ugly graphics
-Poor writing and voice acting (any game that says both the "F" word AND "gee willikers" should never be taken seriously
-Short. And I mean REALLY short. In 3 hours you could finish the campaign and have a platinum trophy.

Right now it is impossible to buy this game cheap enough to justify the purchase. So I recommend renting it via Gamefly if you're a diehard Resistance fan or just really want to experience the power of the twin sticks on the go.

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Does something new

posted by yomama12 (CHINO HILLS, CA) Jul 1, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

All the reviews were bad on this game, but you should try it. It feels like a grade A shooter but smaller, thee only complantes that I have is some cheap deaths and framrate issues. Plus I would of liked to seen a bigger campaign, but multiplayer is a blast, and if you want a great first person shooter that is mobile, you should rent this.

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Not bad, but not great.

posted by jelloskins (LINCOLN, NE) Jun 13, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

It's a standard FPS, which has a nice story and standard progression. I probably would have played the whole game, but there's a point early on in the game, where it becomes a mediocre zerg-fest. I generally like a good challenge, except when it the fun is mediocre. I found my self working through these segments, hoping for the next breath of fresh air, only to be disappointed. It might be your thing, but it really wasn't mine.

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