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Resistance: Burning Skies


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GF Rating

Above Average

Good Action, Worst story

posted by jpshaouni (PITTSBURGH, PA) Nov 24, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

It's fun. I mean the action is good and the weapons are cool. However, the story is painful. I mean I usually don't mind straight forward linear games when the actions good. This was something else though. I mean PAINFULLY lame. I don't even really get what happens in the end. Stupid story and fun action. I beat the whole game in two sittings without really trying. If you want a quick action game to try then try this. I haven't played the PS3 version so I don't know how to compare them.
Won't be anyone's favorite game but not a waste of time. Just click mute during the cute scenes to preserve your sanity.

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GF Rating


Cool game overall

posted by timmy_tim (TOLEDO, OH) Oct 2, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

beat it in two days after about 7 hours and payed the 9.99 to get the online just for the platinum medal and unlocked all medals within 9hrs... not much fun afterwards glad i didnt buy it

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GF Rating

Above Average

Semi-decent sci-fi FPS

posted by Metoo999 (NEW YORK, NY) Oct 1, 2012

Member since Aug 2007

This is an average FPS title to hold you over until a better shooter comes along. The whole package feels sort of cheap at first, but it gets better as you go along.

You play a firefighter in the midst of an alien invasion. Riley doesn't express any surprise about this happening. He just takes a gun and starts shooting aliens like it's a normal occurrence. You meet a compatriot, Ellie, who also expresses no surprise about the invasion. She basically says, "Okay, you're a good shot, let's go."

The graphics are not great especially after playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The characters' mouths don't move when they talk, which is really poor for a modern game. The textures could have been a lot better.

The guns handle fine except for the pointless, shoe-horned touch controls. It makes no sense that you have to take your hands away from the analog sticks just to do an alt-fire or throw a grenade. It takes away from the flow of the gunfights. I found myself not bothering with the alt-fire modes and I got through most of the game without them. The wall-penetrating gun from the console Resistance games is here and it's still pretty entertaining to use.

There's a cliched story about the husband trying to find his wife and kid, and some freedom fighting throughout the US, but other than that, there's not much. It's a shame because the voice acting is pretty good and there was potential for a better game. The soundtrack is surprisingly touching, which would have helped for a better emotional impact if there had been a good story or actual characterization.

I got every trophy except the multiplayer one which requires an online pass. There were six chapters at about an 1.5 hours each. I never bought the pass, so I can't comment on the MP. I was able to get all single player trophies in one playthrough.

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