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I'm a gamer not a movie lover.

posted by Weeeeeeee (STOCKTON, CA) Apr 13, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Can't keep story.
Watch story everytime when I start the game.
People already know a PS Vita system had short battery life, but can't believed they didn't think to add skip cutscenes feature for a PS Vita system.

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eh not my type of game

posted by talamant3z (HOUSTON, TX) Nov 18, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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story couldn't keep my attention. sent it back in the same day

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Generic Corridor shooter With Resistance stuff.

posted by lBigBadWolfl (HESPERIA, CA) Jul 28, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

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This game has been hit pretty hard by reviewers already but man this game actually deserves it.

(Short Version)
Boring weapons, Stupid enemies, Repeating graphics, Awful last Boss.

(The Graphics)
They look good at first but you should pretty quickly realize that any given level consists of a few item models and a few wall door and ground texture variations copy pasted repeatedly throughout the entire level with little to no variation. Thanks to the way everything in a level is copy pasted throughout the level you pretty much see everything you're gonna see in a level in the first few minutes of it. (One hallway in particular caught my attention because it consisted of walls lined with this box computer thing and like a dozen of said box computer things knocked over as cover.)

(Game play)
So my big complaint here are the weapons, In the other resistance games all the weapons (Minus a select few) are neat and fill a set roll that keeps you using them. In this game however it boils down to the Folsom and the Bulls-eye, These two weapons alone will pretty much carry you through the entire game no problem just switching back and forth when you run out of ammo. I rarely found myself even using the others just because they just couldn't match up to the two assault rifles.
But I have to admit the crossbow shotgun thing was a neat idea hadn't seen something like that in a FPS in a while.

(The Enemies)
Normally I wouldn't even include something like this in a review but the games enemies needed mentioning. For the most part the enemies minus a select few will sit behind cover and just take shots at you on occasion while never moving to flank or attack you or anything really. (I sat in cover five minutes one time to get up and get some water came back to see I hadn't died with something like 8 enemies right a-crossed from me.) Along with that the last boss is awful, man its just not fun to fight that thing its like it was designed deliberately to be annoying.

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