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Resistance Continues

posted by Viper561 (BOYNTON BEACH, FL) Sep 13, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

After completing the game and giving a test run to multiplayer, Resistance 3 still does not separate itself from a normal FPS that we will continue to play for another round. However, that does not mean you should not play the game.

Pros: The co-op story mode is a good way to run with a friend to assist you on those levels that firepower of two is better than one. The difficulty Superhuman is right for co-op but I have heard people complete it on solo. The platinum is not too difficult but some luck & accuracy on the players part is needed. You can edit controls schemes to your liking. Graphically, the landscape is vast and you can see the destruction of the chimera and the results of that terror. Gameplay is as normal as it can be for an FPS, nothing to brace for. There are checkpoints at various locations to make sure that you don't start too far from where you lost.

Cons: The narration of the story is plain and you must pay attention to the audio & journal logs to get a sense of the story (lets be honest, none of us read those). The online multiplayer is the same as the previous resistance 1 & 2 which still doesn't keep up with our high volume online FPS which everyone knows those games well. The game is only about 6-7 hrs long depending on difficulty and your play style, even shorter on co-op. The online filter to play is messy, there are frequent times where a level 1 goes against a level 30, not very fair with weapon upgrades give you a lot of advantages. Deleting your install data takes 30 mins.

All in all, its a fair game to play while waiting for the next new release. At least there weren't any heavy glitches seen though some had a few trophies not show up but a patch has been released already for other reasons. The game needs to find closure because I see a resistance 4 coming.

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Worst sequel ever

posted by Troy365 (CAMBRIDGE, MD) Sep 13, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

2 out of 7 gamers (29%) found this review helpful

This was a joke the story by its self gets a 1! They killed the better hero off(Nathan Hale) for Joe Cappelli? The best part of the game were the guns! Then you have to pay for online access its highway robbery!

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Resistance 3

posted by soulpatch (FARGO, ND) Sep 13, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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Resistance is a long running and, in my mind; an ever improving series. Insomniac seems to have learned not only from their own work but from other AAA developers. The new game engine provides for some seriously epic moments. Modern graphical effects have worked their way in as well with an excellent depth of field effect along with a spot on motion blur that really immerses the player in the action and generates a chaotic feel that reminds us that this is after all, war. Intense and well paced the campaign will stick out in my mind for some time. Being a shooter the guns rightfully take center stage! Guns are upgradeable with use so finding your favorites and blastin away is a delight. The Ratchet and clank developer really nailed it with the 3rd iteration. I kept playing just to see how bad a!! my guns would become. Gameplay wise this is definitely the tightest and most enjoyable resistance yet. Nearly every gun is unique and the secondary fire for each will have you jumping through the newly returned weapon wheel. No more hard decisions when it comes to weapon management. Sound is top notch as well with explosions and fellow resistance fighters booming at times and intense moments of eerie calm that you know is short lived. The AI is also improved though ocassionaly they will have moments of dementia and not realize they are being shot at, though these were rare. The story with its new protaganist does not disappoint and will see you traveling through beautiful and varied environments, although graphic edges feel a little muddy to me. Humanity is nearly conquered and the desperation is almost palpable at times, often being reminded that in the fight you rely on others and they rely on you. You are mostly a one man army but you cant do it all alone. Awesome experience and it WILL find its way into my collection. New fans will be pleasantly welcomed, and old fans rewarded for their loyalty. Fantastic!

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