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no Nathan Hale but Wow what a game :) (mild spoil)

posted by JulzR23 (EL PASO, TX) May 14, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

when i picked up the first resistance i didn't expect to become addicted to this series to be honest what first caught my eye was the chimera skull it was a very interesting design i wanted to know what was it about. following Hale and the human race's journey through the first 2 games was by far one of the biggest mind blowing experiences I've ever gotten from a game we have an massive enemy force that only gets bigger with every human that is defeated and some of the coolest bosses i have ever seen. the first 2 games had a great deal of character build up for hale that when you got to the ending of the 2nd one you were like WTH!!!(cant use F apparently) why would they do that we need hale to continue to fight for the human race. i was a little upset and i know i wasn't the only one... but anyway i like to keep an open mind when i saw Capelli as the main character for this one i felt like "OK... this could either be pretty cool or a train wreck" but i had faith and wanted to see the resistance world through the eyes of the man that everyone was hating on. i knew insomniac was going to try and make us love him the way we loved hale. and well it happened i fell in love with the character. what Cappelli showed me was something i knew deep down that hale couldn't it was a human side to this war. yeah you can argue that hale was human because for the most part he was (until the end of the 2nd game of course) but Hale was a guy who had nothing to lose he was unstoppable like kratos or wolverine he was made to pwn. Cappelli especially now that he is no longer a sentinel gave me that feeling that this character was mortal he could no longer heal himself over time and he had a family that's a lot for a man to lose and he lived up to that role. i highly recommend this game for any resistance fan who is still upset about hale give Cappelli a chance and to anyone who hasn't played resistance go pick up the first one you wont be disappointed.

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Very Good

Great Shooter

posted by Justwondering (DORCHESTER CENTER, MA) Apr 22, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I had allot of fun playing this game. I really loved having all the cool guns and all the different aliens it was a pretty cool game if you never played it pick it up.

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MUST PLAY even if you've never played resistance

posted by Hazael93 (MIAMI BEACH, FL) Apr 7, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Honestly I've played resistance since the days of Russia (Resistance 1) to the change of setting to the western side of the world (Resistance 2). Both Awesome games but Resistance 3 is well polished, the perfection of the previous two games the way the game-play feels to the sweet feeling of finishing enemies with these amazing guns that the game throws at you. This game is a sweet ride and one you'll enjoy from beginning to end. I thought since the main player from the first two games isn't on the third would make this game not as interesting but the story is intense and will hook you on to it. This is one of the best shooters I've ever played and one i recommend to everyone.

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