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Call of Duty With Aliens!!

posted by angryarmytony (FAIR OAKS, CA) Dec 2, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

I was immediately intrigued by this game and immersed myself fully into this story. Needless to say it falls short and seems to drag on when it really doesn't have to and clearly just tried filling in a few pointless missions which are too long and full of mowing down countless enemies with your arsenal of weapons.

Somehow your character is carrying over 10 weapons which are not customizable but all have a special ability that comes along with each. However only 2 or 3 of these abilities are actually useful against the hundreds of enemies you will be killing in every mission. Enemies seem to line up to your gun for you to easily kill them when they are not shooting at you through cover.

Graphics seemed subpar but somewhat up to date which makes sense considering the creators designed over 5000 enemy grunts you can kill in roughly 3-5 hits depending where you hit and which gun you use. Reminding me of Call of Duty World at War, Resistance 3 has the exact same WW2 feel which makes sense considering it is the 1950's.

Overall this game had a lot of potential but to me the largest short comings on this game were a terrible AI on both enemies and teammates, pointless dull missions that are dragged out for far too long, and a dull story that I found completely unappealing and boring. The only good I found in this game was the new unique weapons that are not found in other games making this a nice change in pace, however short lived.

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GF Rating

Above Average

I've played better but not that bad

posted by chargerbrett (DAYTON, OH) May 16, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Good game for people into the aliens and supernatural. I really liked that the buttons were just like COD. Storyline got a little old and the graphics weren't the best. Some times there were just to many bad guys to shoot that all you could do was high tail and run. I liked that your guns would gain levels and improve, I didn't like that you couldn't decide whether or not you wanted to add a scope it just did it automatically. Could have been a much better game with some more thought into it. Overall, worth the rent, not worth the buy.

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no Nathan Hale but Wow what a game :) (mild spoil)

posted by JulzR23 (EL PASO, TX) May 14, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

when i picked up the first resistance i didn't expect to become addicted to this series to be honest what first caught my eye was the chimera skull it was a very interesting design i wanted to know what was it about. following Hale and the human race's journey through the first 2 games was by far one of the biggest mind blowing experiences I've ever gotten from a game we have an massive enemy force that only gets bigger with every human that is defeated and some of the coolest bosses i have ever seen. the first 2 games had a great deal of character build up for hale that when you got to the ending of the 2nd one you were like WTH!!!(cant use F apparently) why would they do that we need hale to continue to fight for the human race. i was a little upset and i know i wasn't the only one... but anyway i like to keep an open mind when i saw Capelli as the main character for this one i felt like "OK... this could either be pretty cool or a train wreck" but i had faith and wanted to see the resistance world through the eyes of the man that everyone was hating on. i knew insomniac was going to try and make us love him the way we loved hale. and well it happened i fell in love with the character. what Cappelli showed me was something i knew deep down that hale couldn't it was a human side to this war. yeah you can argue that hale was human because for the most part he was (until the end of the 2nd game of course) but Hale was a guy who had nothing to lose he was unstoppable like kratos or wolverine he was made to pwn. Cappelli especially now that he is no longer a sentinel gave me that feeling that this character was mortal he could no longer heal himself over time and he had a family that's a lot for a man to lose and he lived up to that role. i highly recommend this game for any resistance fan who is still upset about hale give Cappelli a chance and to anyone who hasn't played resistance go pick up the first one you wont be disappointed.

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