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Coming from a fan

posted by slaYer127_PSN (JENSEN BEACH, FL) Sep 16, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

resistance fall of man was the first 'online multiplayer' game i ever bought. I played the life out of the online and although the story mode wasn't amazing, i really enjoyed playing it. Eventually i bought resistance 2. I really dug R2 at first, but i think i just fell into the hype. I did find the story to get more entertaining but the multiplayer took a hit in my view, WAY too chaotic. i eventually tired of it and missed R1's multiplayer. THEN Resistance 3 was announced. Let me just say that because Insomniac always showed the SAME freakin boat level over and over, i did not get too hyped up for it. Well i just got it from gamefly and beat it......and..... IT WAS AWESOME. While i missed Hale, the story was loads better than the previous two. Equipped with a new art style, incredible dynamic lighting, great cinematography, and better story telling, Resistance had me entertained from start to finish. The story is very emotional and you can really feel how desperate people are to survive. I just wished Capelli spoke a little more. Insomniac did a great job and switching up the gameplay and providing the player with different ways to play, including using a bunch of cleverly designed weapons which are a 'blast' to use. I did not shell out 10 bucks for the online pass, but i was in the beta. I am dissapointed in the major cut of online players down to 16, but the maps are so well made that it never feels empty. In the end, I feel resistance 3 is the best OVERALL game of the series. R3's story is better than 1 and 2, while its multiplayer is only better than 2. If you call yourself a gamer, don't miss out on this gem!

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Still playing

posted by laidback (TUCSON, AZ) Sep 15, 2011

Member since Mar 2010

Half way through and it's ok. It definitely has the potential. The gun arsenal is fantastic and the storyline is good too. It’s your standard shoot’em up game. I wish they would’ve incorporated more strategic situations. Situations that make you think and maneuver before you defend with an open world scheme. It’s kinda like you’re going from A to B in every situation and they have it all laid out for you. The first Red Faction game had this strategic maneuverability thing that was awesome. Why companies haven’t picked up on this is beyond me.
Cinematic scenes are way below average
Graphics have potential but they are average, at best

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One of the best FPS Campaigns out there

posted by theseeker2 (HOPKINS, MN) Sep 15, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

I went into Resistance 3 with hopes for a good game, something fun to play with my buddy coop. What I found was an amazing ride through one heck of an alternate timeline. Let me cut right to the chase and say this is one of the most poignant, personal, and well crafted campaigns in any FPS I have ever played. I have played most of the worthwhile FPS's so thats saying quite a bit. The story is very well paced, with frequest cutscenes near the beginning to setup things up. I found it flagging a bit near the end in pacing, but that might have been merely because by then I was more concerned with fighting for my life and surviving then trying to remember exactly what errand I was on now.

The engagements with enemies were well scripted and almost perfectly balanced. They AI was nothing mind blowing but serviceable enough. The enemies varied and interesting. Especially some of the big boys. Now IMO to the best part of the whole game. The GUNS!! R3 has some amazing guns to play with and actually reminded me alot of Ratchet and Clank. Especially the way they leveled up as you used them, just like the Ratchet series. As they level up they increase in usefulness and power. For instance when the bullseye levels up the tags can hit many surrounding enemies at once and you can lock onto more than one guy at a time. Or when you level up the Auger it fires 3 bursts of energy every time you pull the trigger. One gun I found especially useful for taking out hordes of enemies as well as the smaller leapers was the Atomizer. Its a new gun in R3 and especially useful in those situations. The secondary fire is a very useful singularity mine where any enemies that come close get sucked in and damaged.

The trophies are numerous and very well varied and thought out. You dont play for long before you get some sort of trophy or pop up reminding you of your progress for some trophy or another. Its a really nice way of feeling like your being constantly rewarded. Tiny little milestones.

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