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Very Good

Good game but no online play??

posted by rathamon (LOUISVILLE, KY) Oct 11, 2011

Member since Mar 2007

I cannot believe they make you have a online pass to play on the net. The game storywise is pretty good and I enjoyed it alot. I even thought about doing the keep it option but since I cannot play it online I cannot risk the $45 bucks to find out.

You can buy a pass off PSN but it is $9.99 and it is only good for the account that bought it and it does not say if it includes sub-accounts.

I will wait to see how it pans out maybe I will get it later. I will save the money for Battlefield 3.

Its a good game but beware you cannot play the rented game online without the a pass and that's a extra $9.99.

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GF Rating

Very Good

....good not great.

posted by nickiskewl (BEAR, DE) Oct 7, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

ill give this game an 8 on the fact it's still resistance fall of man. honestly though im glad i got this game through gamefly and didnt waste 60 dollars on it. The game play was alright not great. The story line wasnt as good as the first two and honestly left so much untold in the end. Speaking of the end could they rip off call of duty any more? or for that matter it ended like the sapranos...i think the first two where so great as a kid growing up that I was hooked into what ever game they sold...i beat this game in around 8 hours which took me two days. ill admit the game is still fun but i feel somewhat hurt that it took 3 years for insomniac to make this game and this is what they gave us. And you want me to pay for online? Thats messed up if i hadnt played the first 2 games i would honestly tell you not to buy this. still this game is worth playing and im sad to see it end.

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GF Rating


1st and 3rd person shooter fan

posted by Hellnaugh (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Oct 7, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

Before I rented this I only played part 2. And it was ok but in my opinion this 3rd one was fantastic gameplay was great far as the story I dont get in to it like it"s a movie long as it is a good game I'm in it. The GUNS were great never had a camera issue, only thing is that you cant play online,but myself personally I like to beat the campaign first then go online and yes you have to pay. So def. worth a rent GREAT FU--ING GAME...

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