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Bullseye Strategy

The bullseye is great for killing people while in cover. To do this simply tag your opponent and hide behind somewhere, then fire in open space and the bullets should curl around the cover into your target and kill him almost instantly. This is great for online TDM.

Easy Medic Exp. In Co-Op

In most missions in co-op there will be allies that aren't controlled by players. Using secondary fire to heal them will give you quite a bit of exp, especially if they're gathered in a pack. Just wait for enemies to attack them and keep from healing them to mound up the exp. It is also useful to have a spec ops behind you to give you ammo so you wont have to kill the enemies to recharge your secondary fire

Easter Egg

In the Garfield Park level there is an actual easter egg laying under the broken bridge. Walk out on the lone beam in the middle, turn around and look to the bottom-left of the screen. You will see the easter egg.

Bellock Strategy

The bellock is not the best weapon in terms of damage but can prove useful against crowds of enemies. The bellock is mostly useful for big matches like 60-player TDM. Wait untill there are about 5-20 people fighting in a big group and blast away using secondary fire to burn them all. Then simply aim just above the enemies heads depending how far away you are and use primary fire. This should rack up a few kills and the enemies that flee are still being burned and earning you exp. If an enemy is quite close to you, try aiming at his feet.