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GF Rating


A must see

posted by GearHalo (BRIGHTON, CO) Aug 7, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

This movie is a must see for fans or people new to the resident evil franchise. Great action and a great story

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GF Rating


I had to do this.

posted by swfan34 (OCEAN SPRINGS, MS) Oct 17, 2009

Member since May 2008

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

While not the WORST video game movie (coughhouseofthedeadcough), it is certainly up there. The first Resident Evil movie decides that the game doesn't exist at all, take the company (Umbrella) and method of zombie infection (the T-Virus) and burns the rest.

Alice is our main character for this endeavor, and she.... to be fair, is an idiot. (No, that's okay, the spooky things aren't that spooky. The wind in the curtains means nothing. Now let me walk around with no weaponry and look stupid and- oh there's men in black uniforms going to shoot me.) Alice also takes the record for the only half-witted character connected to RE to WAKE UP NAKED AND WITHOUT A SINGLE WEAPON. Granted, this adds mystery and suspence, but really. Think about it.

Alice is joined by a lot of one-sided, characters who have nothing to do whatsoever with the story, with the exception of the Red Queen, a homicidal computer (not as cool as it sounds, believe me), and Spencer, a jerk.

The story almost saves this movie. It's fairly typical: zombies, brains, blood, a sole survivor. In more detail, Alice wakes up, finds out she's married, finds out she isn't married, finds out she's a b.i.tch, finds out there's this evil corporation named Umbrella that turned people into sombies, finds out there's this computer called Red Queen, finds out lasers are dangerous, finds out zombies are REALLY STUPID, finds out that LICKERS PWN ALL, finds out that she is doomed to wake up naked in every single movie, and then it's the end.

As my final verdict, while an average zombie-action movie, it is a far below-par Resident Evil product. The story is worse than RE: Survivor, but it manages to make me satisfied when I just want some good zombie carnage.

5 out of ten.

The music is awesome too.

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