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Resident Evil

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Resident Evil

posted by antonahill (BOISE, ID) Oct 18, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

I beleive this game absolutely deserves all of the accolades which have been heaped upon it, but the controls so are so wonky, I had to give up in the first sequence. One of my favorite GC games, Eternal Darkness, a similar survival horror game, handled the controls for walking and fighting beautifully. I don't know why Capcom couldn't be bothered.

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Amazing game, the best in the series.

posted by TheSHizNic (NOVATO, CA) Jul 11, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

Resident Evil for the GameCube is quite possibly the best on the system in terms of graphics and atmosphere. It's the greatest installment in the series, and the graphics still hold up today.

People may be turned off by the "tank" controls and camera angles at first, but if you really try to get into it the game could provide one of the best gaming experiences to date.

Now this game isn't for everyone, it's admitably slow and sometimes tedious. Item management is an absolute must and if you don't carefully plan each shot and what you're doing next you'll find the game outrageously frustrating. The combat will bother people who don't like slow, pulse pounding fights and the cameras don't help either - ESPECIALLY in boss fights. Thinking is a big part of the game. The puzzles aren't really anything to brag about but you will have to plan and manage your items.

Cliff Notes
For: Open minded gamers with incredible amounts of patience, storyline enthusiasts, and someone who enjoys some good scares - and my god this game is scary. It will haunt you.

Not For: Gamers who don't like slow game play or story lines, gamers who don't care about story.

The story is fantastic, when the going gets rough (or just ridiculously frightening) the story is what will keep you going.

The atmosphere is unmatched, Silent Hill ain't got nothin' on this monster of a game. (Okay I lied, Silent Hill 3 is way too scary for it's own good.)

An experience you'll remember for the rest of your life.

The controls will bother the majority of gamers out there.

Tedium of having to go from item box to item box will bug you BIG time if you're not patient.

I've listed most of the flaws this game has, but you might be wondering why I gave it a 10 after all the flaws I listed. Well to put it simply - I'm a fanboy.

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Good game for people who luv resident evil series

posted by gamerfan8 (VALLEJO, CA) Jul 4, 2006

Member since Jul 2005

resident evil 1 has great graphics for gamecube. it is a great game for people who are hardcore resident evil fans. All though the camera view is not the same as resident evil 4. but the story keeps u going if u like suspense. to tell you the truth, this game "might" scare the heck out of you!! also you have to use yur hearing in the game to tell where a zombie is at... the sound effects are well done. And jus to tell you guys......this game has a lot of puzzle solving. But other than that, the game is great if you like to scare yourself a lot. so if you love resident evil, and you like playing the series...i suggest you rent or buy this game.

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