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Often Overlooked, but Absolutely Brilliant!

posted by andrewka (ROCKVILLE, MD) Jan 21, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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I can see why this can fly below the radar of many gamers, the fact that it is thought of as a remake of the original Resident Evil implies that it is simply a better looking version of the original game, but this is a whole new game, and in my opinion, the best Resident Evil ever.

To start, this game is hugely scary, the aura this game creates is that of absolute horror and that is what you look for in a Resident Evil game. I am afraid to play this game alone at night. The ideas, the gameplay is classic Resident Evil but with improvements to all the quirks that have frustrated gamers with past Resident Evils.

What I love about this version over Resident Evil Zero is that it is much more flexible and not as linear and obvious. One thing that frustrated me about Zero was that if you see a locked door, the key or solution was somewhere in the same room or close by, it carves a very obvious path. This is not the case for this Resident Evil. Something you pick up early in the game for example, might not be useful until the very end of the game for example.

The camera quirks are still there, but that's what makes this game, and all pre-RE4 games so great, you never know what is around the corner as you only see what the camera lets you. It's a brilliant formula that works astonishingly well in this game.

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Couldn't Believe It!

posted by sxrxnrr87 (COLUMBUS, OH) Jun 27, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I have been going back and playing all of the old games lately. I was absolutely AMAZED at how well this one turned out in the remake. It ran so smoothly and it actually had me jumping from time to time. It was definitely worth it to go back and play it. I highly recommend to anybody who is a true Resident Evil fan!

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best RE ever

posted by RUNDAS (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jun 2, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

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Resident evil a title that since 1996 scared us peed our pants and make us sleep with a nightlight has been a household name this is the best game in the series
Story: same as the original the story follows alpha team as they investigate the mansion and find out its there worst nightmare the story is revamped to include new characters situations and choices that will affect you throughout the game will not new it keeps things fresh and accessable
Gameplay: survival horror is a unique genre in that its restrictions on health and ammo are balanced by puzzle solving and item management the controls take some getting used to but you can handle it just fine once its etched in your brain the game also adds new enemies like the crimson heads a ressurected zombie thats faster and deadlier the only way to prevent this is by blowing off their heads or burning their corpses the camera is extremley poor but the gameplay is about as good as it gets
Graphics: this is the best looking game on the gamecube with enviroments and character models that look almost photorealistic impressive fire and lighting effects and enemies that will make you jump its almost impossible not to be impressed
Sound: while its not in 5:1 the sound is good with guns that sound like their realworld counterparts and ominous music its impressive the voice acting and dialogue are still cheesy but better than the original
Replay value: 10 different endings unlockable costumes bonus weapons and numerous ways to play this will be a game worth replaying stop reading this review and buy this game
story 9/10
gameplay 8/10
graphics 10/10
sound 10/10
replayability 10/10

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