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Definitely the scariest Resident Evil out!

posted by gonzo3333 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 16, 2006

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This game is for people with patience. Lots of it. It's a scary game. It's not like a OMG TEH NIGTHMRAES!!!11 scary, but it's pretty creepy and will have you jumping a lot with the lights turned out and volume on full blast. Trust me.

This is a survival horror game. It's NOTHING like Resident Evil 4 if you've played it. You have to manage your items extremely carefully. Jill can carry 8 items at once, and Chris can carry only 6. You might have to go from item box to item box every now and then. You also have a set amount of ink ribbons lying around the game, so don't save too often or you'll be screwed.

This game is VERY different to the original and DS version. It's way scarier, has very, very, very nice graphics, and it has way more enemies, storyline, even the mansion and other areas are different. Way different if anything. It's the same layout, but there are way more rooms.

One of the new enemies, are ummm, called, whoops, I forgot! Well, anyways, these enemies I'm talking about are like the creatures from "28 Days Later." There are normal zombies scattered throughout the whole game. They move slow, they growl, and they bite Jill or Chris. Now, I didn't know this when I played, so be warned. Eventually, the zombies come back to life. Only, they're red, they literally run at your character, faster than you if anything, and they ---- you so hard, that you pretty much die after 2 hits. That's the part that scares the ---- out of me. I'm just walking around the room, and there are like 3 sharp corners, and I turn and he runs right into me and makes a loud noise. It always makes me jump! You can prevent this from happening either by shooting the zombies head (while hes alive at first) or by burning him while he's on the floor. Oh, and for those of you who remember the dogs jumping through the windows.... It's worse in this game...You'll see why...

So this game is a must-play. If you have patience. Buy it, turn off the lights, and have fun ;)

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posted by goodgamer500 (Coupland, TX) Aug 3, 2011

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the game is awsome it has hard controls but fun gameplay very puzzling good action should rent

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A Great Update of a Classic

posted by swfan34 (OCEAN SPRINGS, MS) Dec 22, 2008

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Ah, the memories -- Resident Evil for the PS1. Thankfully, the dated graphics have been out done, meaning we can replay it and still get the (bleep) scared out of us. And not just the graphics, either -- A whole BUNCH more puzzle, defense items, and CRIMSON HEADS. The game feels like a huge burden when you start, and by the end you feel that you never want to play another game like that again. Then, you wake up early in the morning an begin on the opposite character's scenario.


Graphics: Oh, a 9, easily. While not as shiny and refined as the PS3 and XBOX 360's RE5, the graphics are on par with RE4, showing that the gamecube just isn't being used to its full potential. And Capcom says Wii can't handle RE5's opening screen.

Gameplay: 8. Honestly, what RE game could score over that? It's the controls... Oh, wait, I sense a RE4 fan in the midst. Shut up, the game was (bleep) compared to this.

Ammo Availability: 7, surprisingly. RE4's a 9, by the way. After an hour or so, I'd only had to take out five zombies and I had 120 extra bullets left.

Story: 10. The first RE had a great story, and REmake just expands on it.


9. The most definite version of RE1 will always be Deadly Silence to me -- Classic Mode, that is. The original with slight graphical update (noses, anyone?) and 180 turn. However, as a separate game, REmake doesn't disappoint. Take that X-Play.

God, I had to edit this FOUR TIMES for language.

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