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Resident Evil

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Begin with a rocket launcher and unlimited ammunition

Finish the game as Jill or Chris with a time less than three hours. Save game upon completion, now begin a new game to start with the Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammunition.

Unlock real urvivor option

Finish the game in once again mode under the normal difficulty setting with a time less than five hours. This unlocks the "Real Survivor" option (item boxes do not transfer items to each other), the .40 Smith And Wesson gun with unlimited ammunition (replaces the combat knife in a new game), and bonus costumes. Additionally, the aiming system will be manual.

Unlock invisible enemy option

After finishing the game twice as Jill or Chris you will unlock the "Invisible Enemy" option. In this mode all enemies will be transparent.

Unlock one dangerous zombie option

Finish the game as both Jill and Chris one time to unlock the One Dangerous Zombie option. Enable this option if you want a special zombie will keep following you around during the first part of the game. But you have to remember that shooting this zombie will end the game.

Unlock special features option

Finish the game in invisible enemy mode with a time less than five hours to unlock a Special Features option that displays a brief message from the game developers and a gallery of costumes from the early development stages for this game.

Completion bonuses

Once you complete this action title remember to save the game after the credits finish. Once you have finished the game you will receive a new background on the main menu and a new option. This option is the Once Again option which is now accessible. Select this option to play the saved game (completed game file). When you replay the game you can now select new difficulty settings and a key which can be used to get a new costume. To receive this new costume go to the second floor of the mansion and enter the room with a large mirror. When you unlock the door in the back you can enter a closet and receive a new costume when you move all the way to the end of the rack of clothes. If you like this costume answer yes to the message that has been prompted. After finishing the game again you will receive Jill's second costume. Note these costumes are a commando Uniform and her Resident Evil: Code Veronica attire.

Get the Samurai edge gun

Finish the game as Jill or Chris with a time less than five hours. Save game upon completion, now begin a new game to start with the Samurai Edge gun.