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Good Resident Evil, Not Spectacular

posted by andrewka (ROCKVILLE, MD) Jan 22, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

one innovation that i loved about this Resident Evil is the sort of tag team gameplay between Rebecca and Billy. The way you can switch between the two at key moments in the game to complete tasks is really cleaver. but there were far too few of those moments to be satisfying.

other than that you can select your partner to shoot alongside you, or just standby while you do the shooting to conserve ammo. i also liked the fact that there was no item box, that added an element of realism to this game. it still had the quirk in which one key took up the same space as a revolver for example (a quirk later fixed in RE4), but it added an additional element of strategy to the game.

but as far as mood and atmosphere go, this resident evil felt a little soft-core. i was not really all too scared. the fact that there's another person watching your back though made you feel more secure as opposed to going at it alone. that's a good or bad thing depending on your point of view.

but my main gripes about the game was that it was too easy, ammunition was plentiful, and the enemies and boss fights were easy. what frustrated me the most about this game was the linearity. if you picked up an item, the use of that item seemed to occur right away. the lack of an item box forces it to be this way i suppose... it doesn't force you to think at all. sure resident evil isn't a puzzle game, but i do want to think a little.

on the whole though, it was a nice filler and fun to play through. any resident evil fan should check this out at least once.

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good but could be better

posted by Decoder (SOUTH PITTSBURG, TN) Dec 15, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

this game missed out on it's targeting and moving features such as tank like movements,and blocky aiming controls.But the frightning enemys and complex puzzles make up for those little mistakes.

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Two can be a badass one

posted by 007dude (HAHIRA, GA) Jun 16, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

Resident Evil Zero another great REmake game. The graphics and gameplay will just blow your mind. Resident Evil 0 tells you of what happened to Bravo Team before the mansion in the first Resident Evil and trys to fill in some plot holes while making a few for itself. If you've played any RE games you know about the camera angles to make it more cinematic but still can get frustating, luckily, you have a partner with you and he/she'll shoot at them if you can't see it. This is the first one I've ever finished and makes this one an easy start-off game but has a major spoiler if you don't know about it and dosen't have as many cutscenes as I would like in the end but gives you a sort of cliffhanger ending to start off the next game. All-in-all just another great horror by Nintendo

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