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Pretty Fun

posted by Mulley007 (MEDFORD, NY) Nov 26, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

This game is a pretty fun shooter. It is challenging to play, almost a little too challenging too early in. I wouldn't recommend buying it, but definitely rent it and try the co-op mode for added fun. Graphics are decent, gameplay is decent, overall: decent. A generous "8".

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Resident Evil fans rejoice! Some flaws but great!

posted by matthewv85 (PEORIA, AZ) Nov 25, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

I would like to break this down into categories.

First being the game play of the game. It is very smooth running title no glitches that I ever experienced. When you play the game you start with the "first" game of the series (For those who have not played any resident evils technically the first game produced was Resident Evil and later on they made Resident Evil 0 which is considered the first one that you play in the game) now that aside you then choose the scenario which you have to start with the first and as you beat more you unlock more, there are 3 in each level. After words you pick you character,then you pick a sub weapon. You then go through the entire game as a rail shooter shooting everything you see that moves. Which is entertaining sometimes and very difficult and on average each scenario has a boss which is nice. Also you will have times in which you must input action commands in order to avoid danger sometimes something as severe as instant death! Which adds a nice feel If you are by yourself if you have a partner then it can difficult because then both players have to input something and that can be troublesome and irritating.

Secondly the controls. The controls are great no complaints in this department perfect!

Third is the length for me I spent about 15-20 hours on it but i did about everything I completed all the levels i just did not get S rank on all the missions.

Fourth is the replay value. Of course there is trying to get all rank S's on all of the levels and fully upgrading all of your arsenal which could take some serious time.

Fifth how the game looks. I would have to say the is a great looking game.

Finally overall great game the only downer is when you team up with somebody with the action commands. Also when you team up the game does get a lot easier. Must have for all Resident Evil fans. If you have not played any Resident Evils this game does give a REALLY shortened story from each game. Fills gaps from previous games story.

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resident bore

posted by noodle (BELLEVUE, NE) Nov 23, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

this game is a large disappointment to the franchise of RE. if i wanted to play house of the dead i would have. the game play is not very much fun or challenging. The use of the wii remote was interesting but following the great game play of RE4 umbrella chronicles lacks that witch makes this such a great line of games

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