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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles


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I loved it

posted by Yehezkel (BONITA SPRINGS, FL) Dec 29, 2007

Member since Dec 2007

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I own this game, and I am glad I do... I can cover the back story of previous Res games and then play Res 4 on the Wii... the only real problem I had with this game was that Res 2, Code Veronica, and Res 4 was no where to be found... but I am just hoping for a sequel... I know that REUC gets nailed on frame rate... but it also seems unfair to compare the beauty of a "Back Drop" and the frame rate of an actual moving 3D level... the game is fun and the replay value is intense... there are some 27 levels and tons of unlockable guns and files... I highly recommend it for true fans and shooters, definitely one of the better games for the Wii.

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RE: Master Review

posted by WOlfofman (BURBANK, CA) Nov 17, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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Ok so clearly people have opinions on this game. However, with a storyline as fascinating as RE, with a twist of game play, its sure to continue keep fans on the edge of there seats. The difficulty of the game can differ depending on if you have played other RE's before. Even if you haven't however, this game can still reveal things in the main storyline that understandable to someone who has never played any RE before. Now to game play. Its pretty basic. Just like my other user critic explained, its pretty much like house of the dead. Problem is however, its not. RE: UC gives players a variety of weapons, useful upgrades, and best of all, close quarters combat. I've never seen any other light gun game with those attributes. Bringing me to give RE: UC a 10 out of 10 for excellent storyline narration and edge of your seat game play!

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Lacks polish, but fun with friends

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Nov 19, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Nov 2006

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Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles offers a great crash course into some of the great past Resident Evil titles, but the game lacks some serious polish. Once you get pasts the shaky frame rate, hit or miss textures, and lackluster single player, it's something that can be a blast with a buddy to relive some of the older Resident Evil games along with some new material.

The game will cover Resident Evil 0,1, and 3. If you're a fan of the series and have been following it, it will be a great refreshment of something that you may have not played for a number of years. The game does a pretty good job of laying out the story, tying up some loose ends, and developing some of the characters a little more than the just the previous games. It's almost worth picking up just to see all of this extra material, but playing through a game that doesn't work as well as it should can be painful.

One of the biggest problems of this game is the shaky and sometimes downright terrible frame rate. There are countless spots either during the game play, or some of the low end cut scenes that the FPS has to drop into the teens. The game goes beyond most Wii games when it comes to objects you can interact/destroy, but it's obvious that the hardware and or programming isn't up to the challenge. Personally, I wouldn't have mind if they reduced the objects that could be destroyed in exchange for a more constant frame rate. It particularly gets problem some when it dives and it's hard to shoot your targets.

The textures were also something that could have been more consistent. Some of environments were fantastic, while some looked worse than previous Gamecube games. The Mansion from the first one, for example, looks worse than the remake for the GCN. Although this grip isn't a problem when it comes to affecting the gameplay, it can just look ugly sometimes.

RE:UC excels in multiplayer for obvious reasons. It's a blast to play with a friend, and is worth at least a rent.

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