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You see this? This is me giving out a 10!

posted by Zerodin (MOUNTAIN VIEW, MO) Dec 20, 2007

Member since Feb 2006

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Rail shooters have always been a fun, but short romp, in the arcades. But the fun never translated into a very worth-while home experience. You would pay upwards of $80 for a SHORT game, and a gun that could only use for just that game, just so you could play it properly!

Well Umbrella Chronicles changes all of that.
You see with the Wii you can play with the Wii remote just fine, You don't even need that Wii Zapper! Nope, the Wii is perfect for the rail shooter genre!

Not only does the game offer alot of exciting fun, but there are hidden things everywhere, see a light? Shoot it out, there might be a secret goody to pick up!Graphically they did it all right! The Wii isn't known for being a graphical powerhouse, but games like this show you just how adequate it is in that department!

There are four chapters with about 3 levels each.
However there are also hidden levels, you'll have to find out how to unlock those yourself!

Firepower, that is something this game doesn't skimp on! You'll find weapons hidden in each level, well if you complete a level, whatever weapons you found are added to your selection,
and what's even better is that you can upgrade them! You start each level with a weapon you select, and your trusty pistol, it's weak but as unlimited ammo.

And what's firepower without some zombies to unload it on, you'll face just about every single enemy you've seen in Resident Evil 0 through 3, and then some! And most levels end in a boss fight. You'll be facing down Tyrant, giant snakes, and other uber-horrors.

The levels are addictive to! It's a title where you can just pick up and play.
With three difficulty levels, and an additional hidden one, you'll be killing zombies for a good long while!

I have NOTHING to nit-pick about this game, it's what a rail shooter SHOULD be. It is the most perfect game of it's genre, and that's why it get a perfect 10!

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Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

posted by wildmullis (LINTON, IN) Aug 11, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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Resident evil was an ok game but in my opinion i didn't like the game moving me about automatically i would rather explore on my own it would give the game a more intense feeling while playing. I think if there would be a resident evil where you could drive vehicles and snipe zombies and undead creatures that would be a blast for the appropriate ages. I have some great game ideas if somebody would listen to me i would make the best game in the world for people who would like first person shooting games, like if there would be a resident evil where you could drive vehicles and set traps like C-4 and snares and other traps to capture creatures then study them and when done blow there brains all over the walls, and explore mine shafts, aircrafts, boats,caves,underwater obsticles and much much more. I like the shooting and action that was the best feature of the game. My other opinion would be like make a resident evil like Tomb raider have puzzles and traps that would try and stop the stars members from destroying there precious bio-weapons. I would also like to be able to explore city's,towns,country sides,houses,buildings not just a few but like more then half and another way to make a game more fun would be like sending star members to africa and other foreign countrys. what i'm trying to say make it like Call of Duty and Tomb Raider mixed. Give players a run for there money also what is the deal with tyrant he is in every resident evil come up with more gorey mosters and make the zombies like marines and more animals besides dogs,birds,snakes and leaches. make infected pigs,wolfs,bears,tigers,lions,panthers. Now that would be an awsome game. Oh and one more thing instead of controlling just one person have a team you can command. If anybody out there wants more game ideas get ahold of me some how Feel free to contact me game creators. I have a tons more ideas for better games. Thank YOU........... May the gameing world prosper from this.

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A Fresh Face of Survival Horror

posted by Zero0000 (RICHFORD, NY) Oct 25, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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Though I am a die-hard survival horror fan, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles for the wii as a half-half scenario for me. Not only are the levels spot on but the enemies were both challenging and fun to shoot at so to speak. Capcom spared no expense on making feel surrounded by the mass of undead, but what really sent me for a loop they fully explain Wesker's story and intentions which ultimately leads down to RE5. However there are some problems I should issue as a warning. The aiming system can be a bit disorientating at first but once you get used to it, its quite easy. Another thing is the game should first be played through on easy at first to unlock the weapons and such early and the files found before trying the harder difficulties. Though I loved Resident Evil for its horrifying soundtrack, however the reusing of certain music like the Cerberus Enounter from Resident Evil 0 used as the danger scenes (Where you either press A, B or both A+B or shake the Wiimote) can be hard and real annoying at times. But...besides that I highly recommend this game to true diehards like me to give it a pun intended. Anyways now for the review score.

Gameplay: 10 of 10
Story: 10 of 10
Music: 6 of 10
Fun Factor: 10 of 10
Overall: 8

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