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posted by randomstufffixe (EL PASO, TX) Feb 27, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

I hate these timed first shooters they annoy me. This one is no different. I like having some control over my person not the computer tellng me where to go sorry it sucked

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Love this game!!!!!!!

posted by lilree77 (TARZANA, CA) Jan 7, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

This is one of the best Resident Evil games that I have played (I am a huge fan). I love the fact that in this game you are taken to where you need to be through navigation. With this navigation feature you do not have to worry about continuously pausing to view a map to find out were to go next. I love the fact that you start new chapter throughout the game, and receive a grade for each level that is passed. You always have a partner however the partner has not been much help to me throughout the game. All together I would buy this game. It is very fun to play and not overly difficult to play.

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Really Bad

Are you kidding me? Shame on you, Capcom.

posted by nr_clark (MARLTON, NJ) Dec 12, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

This on-rails shooter left me curious when I noticed it was being promoted after the release of Resident Evil 4. I said, "hey, RE4 was quite an iconic game, why not go for this one?" and I gave it the benefit of the doubt thinking it would be pretty good. WRONG!

The only things worth mentioning here are its storyline as a flashback before RE4 took place, and the music isn't half bad. Aside from that, everything seemed just so half-butt made it isn't even funny. Here are to name a few: off-scene awkward voice acting, non-detailed character design/facial expressions/effects, unappealing on-rails movement that makes you feel "strapped in", monster/enemy design is copy & paste with effects, etc, atmosphere is copy & paste.

I don't know what else to write about this. This game just sucks. I usually write longer reviews but I cannot even think for this one seeing how bad it is.

Everything in the game reeks of "careless" and "low budget". I am not a software engineer, and even I would've known better than to release an eyesore like this. Sorry, but steer clear!!

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