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RE is hard!

posted by nabors0880 (NORTH SIOUX CITY, SD) Feb 14, 2010

Member since Nov 2008

Probably a good game if you have patience. I've played all RE games but gave up on this one, too difficult. Shakey "camera" is a bit annoying too. I like to have more control over my games, this one almost runs itself and you have to act really quick to shoot and pick up items.

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Above Average

Just Ordinary

posted by WSnake004 (LANSING, MI) Feb 2, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

I had a lot of hope for Resident Evil: Dark side Chronicles heading in, but once again I was disappointed. I love going back and being able to re live Resident Evil: 2, even if the story is re told inaccurately. The cheap tactics used in Dark Side Chronicles however don't make you want to relive the story via a new game as much as you would rather break out the playstation original and just play that instead.

The game is on rails so you don't control your movement, and the game cheaply throws waves of enemies at you at the wrong time. You clear one path of zombies just to have your character be turned around to clear another path just for the path behind you to instantly refill with zombies who are no more then a second away from bearing down on you. The game doesn't really offer you much of a chance to ward off these enemies, let alone a chance for a critical head shot.

The camera shakes constantly, making aim more then a pain. The game will throw more enemies at you after you have killed a boss, when you have no health and ammo left without offering a checkpoint, making your boss battle a moot point.

The graphics and sound aren't all that great, which I can understand from the Wii, but this game can't even measure up to last generation, let alone the current generation of consoles.

I know the game sounds fun, but I promise that you would be a lot better off just ignoring this release and playing Resident Evil 2 on your playstation.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Remakes and Add-ons

posted by p2d2721 (NEW CASTLE, DE) Jan 6, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

As the title describes, this is what you get in Resident Evil TDC. This game is first and foremost tailored two types of gamers: Rail shooter and Resident Evil fans.
In the game you will find yourself traveling on paths through the eyes of Leon and Claire in RE2, and Chris and Claire in RE:CV. Also a new side story with Leon and Krauser is revolved around the other title's stories.
This game gives a strickly a shoot-and-kill feel to it. While at the same you get to experience various storylines of old, and some new.
As for stories, expect plenty of new surprises, along with a couple new twists. As with the previous chronicle game, expect a more abridged version of the older titles. In my opinion, the strongest thing Resident Evil fans will enjoy most out of this game, is the boss battles. (Which are plentiful!) Outside of that, and several new tweeks in the environent don't expect a total remake.
Gameplay wise, it feels much like it's predecessor, for the exception of the new realism aiming. What that means, is that the player will now miss shots a heck of a lot more! (Although frustrating, most players adapt and move on.)
Even though many well thought out rehashes are made, and the presentation is pretty good. The Darkside Chronicles is another way for Capcom to cash on one of it's kids. Resident Evil fans will be left after finishing this, praying that Capcom will remake the titles showcased in this game. But sadly this is as close to a remake the RE fans will get.

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