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Can you say hard

posted by silentdark22 (HOLLAND PATENT, NY) Aug 2, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

I got to the first boss (Comm Officer) does not die whatsoever you try to do to him. Granades, Shotgun upgraded 20% damage. Physical attacks when staggered, gas Canisters. NOTHING kills it. I tried and tried... If the sheer amount of ammunition the thing eats to the face isnt bad enough the guys got a one hit KO. If that wasent enough he summons a million and one stupid BOWs. After dieing over and over on the first boss and getting frustrated the game found a home in the sleeve it came shipped in back into the mail box the same day I got the game.
I honestly don't know how anyone beat it or why this game got good reviews. Mediocure graphics, Glitchy at times. Overall disappointed. I thank a service like Gamefly because I would have been upset if I purchased this game.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

As A RE Fan, 1.5/5

posted by xXLilxMafiaXx (CHICAGO, IL) Feb 19, 2014

Member since Sep 2012

a few things to point out, no zombies, just a bunch of B.O.W.s, not much of a challenge as of RE's are, beat the game lil over 5 and a half hours. overall wasn't a bad game. ive give it 1.5/5

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Don't bother with it.

posted by HeadHouseSlave (GOOSE CREEK, SC) Oct 16, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

First, I will Prasie the game solely for bringing back the slow paced, puzzle solving and combat system from Re4. Thats it. Personally, I did not like this and will go out of my way to say RE6 is better. Which it is. I understand this is a port, but It felt like the controls where a bit difficult to use. I had moments where I would use the knife instead of fire my weapon for example. Theres no run button, which means I spent the entire game briskly running away from bad guys. The bosses were very difficult, especially the final boss. They included the 'dodge ability in the game, yet whenever I tried to dodge something, I wouldnt. When I first played, I made it all the way to chapter 12 without dying(going for the no deaths achievement) but once I got to the final boss, I was done for. Combining the clunky controls with a near impossible boss was so frustating I just gave up. I spent hours using different tactics, but due to the horrible controls I was tired of wasting time and just sent it back. I am a huge Resident Evil fan, but in my experience... I dont think I would recomend this game to another fan. It was an interesting story though, and thats about all the good I am ever going to say about it.

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