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A Return to form and a solid port

posted by RE360 (SANTA ROSA, CA) Jun 2, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

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First of all i was so disgusted by these idiotic reviews i just had to balance that out with some actual substance.

Essentially Revelations is what future Resident Evil games should be, it blends the slightly faster pace of RE 5 and 6 with survival elements of the classics.

While the production values aren't as spectacular as they could be you gotta remember this was originally a 3DS game, even saying that though the game looks great. Won't blow you away but its definitely not hard to look at. The delivery from some of the secondary characters can be a little wooden sometimes but as far as the main characters they are all interesting and the different approach at telling the story works to keep you guessing on certain plot points.

The actual game play is quite solid, gun play is responsive requiring and in most cases rewarding great aim with more damage/stun on enemies. Adding in custom weapon parts that can be found or earned off of certain enemies that add interesting tactics to certain weapons. The dodge mechanic is great, bringing back memories of RE 3. Its precise enough where when you don't dodge correctly its usually more your bad timing than it not functioning correctly and nothing gives that rush like dodging an instant death attack to keep on fighting and surviving.

The campaign mode is not CO-OP ( I wanted to slap whoever reviewed it negatively because they were to ignorant to find that out......basically anywhere). It can't be played in co-op and yet its perfect that way, as fun as it is to play with a friend survival horror is all about isolation no one to save you but yourself and how well you adapt to the game.

Raid mode is what you want for Co-op, its addicting fun leveling up and finding new weapons on each level(which are basically ripped from campaign so there you go if you wanted to experience that with a friend.) Gets a bit tedious around level 35 and up but by then you've had your fun and definitely money's worth.

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Very Good

Resident Evil 2013

posted by xpart123 (KANSAS CITY, MO) May 21, 2013

Member since Jun 2008

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

So far this game is awesome it is ten times better than Resident Evil 6.This game should give Capcom ides for the newer Resident evil games.And raid mode is a lot better than Resident Evil 6 mercenaries.Although I would loved to have seen a cover system in this one maybe next game.I hope the dlc in this game will be awesome i played and love the demo. I hope to see a harder version come out for the dlc and newer characters with there own stories and different weapons and gadgets.

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Back to the Basics

posted by TheOriginalAndy (JOHNSTON, IA) May 31, 2013

Member since Mar 2011

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It's the scary Resident Evil People have been waiting for for so long.

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